a work in progress

I know I fall off the fitness map when I'm pregnant but I think I'm ready to get back into it. This time with some newly learned skills.

I've been taking pictures of myself for the last 3 weeks to monitor progress. I don't actually see much improvement but clothes are fitting better which is always a good sign. I think I screwed myself by not doing abs almost the whole pregnancy. Boo.

With Jack I gained 40, Violet, 30 and Beck 40. I started at 125 this pregnancy rather than 135 with the other two so I wasn't as heavy even though I gained the same/more. My goal is to get down to 120. Aim high, right? Or in this case, low. Hehe. I'm currently at 135 and working hard everyday but Sunday to get muscle tone back. I feel good about where I'm at especially since the baby is only 9 weeks old. I was never this quick to lose with the other two.

A huge factor in my success is figuring out how to diet successfully. I have discovered the power of knowing how much you consume. It's amazing to see how calories can stack up without even realizing it. I'm using the app My Fitness Pal and it's awesome. I LOVE it. Convenient, helpful, easy to use and super motivating.

Hopefully I can continue to blog my health/fitness/weight loss journey to give everyone an idea of what it takes an average woman and mother to get back to normal. I believe in success for myself and anyone out there who sets their mind to it.

*I'm using my phone to blog and can't get this post to switch over to my fitness blog. That's okay. It's all the same to me. Hopefully I don't offend anyone with my "outfit" in these photos. :) Also, the photos are in the wrong order. I think they are starting with this week. Hopefully you can tell that just by looking at them.


Lilianne said...

There is no way a kid asked you if you were pregnant looking like THAT. What the h?? He must have been completely blind, or totally retarded. Anyway, you look hot. And I can't believe that is your "post" baby body. I could kill you!! Love you and miss you. Why do we have to live an entire ocean away? It makes me a lot sad. :/

Ash said...

KAT! You can totally tell that you are losing weight! Good job! I had to be super strict after having Faye to lose all the weight as fast as I did. Just food alone since I never exercised. It's so much easier when you are charting everything you eat. By the end of the first few days you feel like a pig! ;) Unfortunately 2nd trimester has bean lazy for me. My first tri I did so good about counting calories and completely monitoring what I was eating. The last couple months I kind of said to hell with it and then my weight gain started. Or I am just at that point in pregnancy where the weight gain starts. Either way, I NEED to be more strict about my food intake or I am going to be a heffer after baby boy gets here. You seriously look awesome! And you can totally get to 120! I hit 117 after having Faye and my goal after this baby is 115...but a toned 115 not a flabby 115. Such a difference. Anyway your skin looks great! I would love to have healthy skin...especially after babies. My tummy looks like a 90 yr old woman's now. (DYING FOR A TUMMY TUCK) One more kid and I get one! ;) Miss ya, and keep up the hard work you are rocking 135 and will dominate 120! Can't wait to keep seeing improvements!

Heather B said...

You already look so good that it's hard for me to imagine that you even have 15 lbs more that could be lost. Nice JOB! Getting muscle mass back is probably my #1 goal, especially sinc nursing/restrictive eating seemed to cause my body to like, eat away it's own muscle. So sad, although at the time I liked feeling so thin. Anyway, on another note, I don't know if it's coincidence or not but I think it's fun that you matched your white bra to white panties, and colored to colored. :)

{lindy baker cakes} said...

You're amazing and look beautiful. Holy crap. You look better than most people look before they ever have children. P.S. I'm totally jealous of your toned, perfect legs.