Since I'm trying not to act like a dog and reward myself with food I have to find other more appropriate rewards. Things like bikinis! :D

I'm not ready to wear them yet but I can see that I'm getting closer. It's great that I'm dropping weight but I really need to restore muscle definition. I've started an at home version of the weights class I took twice a week in Tucson at the gym. It's awesome. I'm so happy with it. Plus I'm doing step aerobics again. The resistance does wonders for my butt and legs.

Hopefully the combo will help me kill it and get bikini ready before the end of the year. I think I can do it in six months for sure.

These are my new suits. Am I the only person who feels skinnier in a bikini than a one piece/tankini? That being said, I'm still for sure sticking to covering my belly for a good while. I also can't wait till I quit nursing and my boobs shrink back to a less obscene size. :)


Heather B said...

Yes...I have to confess. I almost never feel sexy in a one-piece. Although I do like the back of your first one-piece. And Daaannnng girl, that black and white bikini is H-O-T, you look smokin in it! I don't know why you're covering up your belly. It looks great. I'm with you on gaining back muscle definition, it's my #1 goal, followed closely with lose the fat on my saddle bags and inner thighs. Keep up the good work and thanks for helping keep us all motivated! I think of you with every class I take (3 month gym membership...) and wish it was you that was my teacher. :)

Ashley Koz said...

I def feel skinnier in bikinis too, ive never been a fan of one pieces or tankinis on my body. You look great already Kat!! and I feel the opposite on the boobs. I might nurse Cam till he's 5 so I can keep mine :) Im not looking forward to the deflation.