da nursery

The crib is my most favorite thing. With Jack I had a pac-n-play till he was 1 1/2 and then I had an IKEA crib and with Violet I had a totally unsafe Craigslist crib that I got for 50$, neither of which I really loved.

The animal guys are super fun. The mounted stuffed elephant was a lil pricey but he's so charming. The other animals are paper print outs that I glued together and hung up. I also have an ashmae water color coming that I'm silly about.

Originally I planned a giant cross stitch like this one but settled for this ombre sun idea instead. Obviously I'm no artist but I do like how this turned out.

This shelving unit was my brain child. I needed somewhere to store his clothes and this nook was both perfect and a random size. Finding a dresser that fit into this spot and fit into my budget was hopeless. Don't forget there is NOWHERE to shop on this island not even craigslist is helpful. But then pinterest came through for me again and I ordered a bunch of apple crates from joanns.com.

The Hawaii print was free from a random blogger. I know it's overdone but I still like it so :b. The sherrif and cowboy were painted by my sweet grandmother back in the 1980's. She died last month a week before her 106th birthday. I bet she has been giving this little guy a lot of instruction over the last month.

The lamp, table and rug are all from westelm.com and I love them. That citron lamp makes me SO happy. Way happier than any lamp should. The curtain tie backs are supposed to be like neck ties but meh.... Oh and the hedge hog, seriously, to die for. My sis-in-law sent it to Violet for Christmas but she didn't totally love it. She seemed happy to donate it to the new kid. It's not rude for me to be honest about it right?

The quilt is a bunch of scraps from the bedding. My amazing friend showed up at my house one evening like a sewing fairy with her machine and extension chord ready to go. She turned out two crib sheets and inspired me to make the quilt all while I made the skirt. The quilt was very, very poorly made in one day. But I figure poor construction is a requirement when an 8 1/2 month pregnaso lady sits down to quilt in a day.

I worked semi hard to get this nursery done. It's not perfect but it's my first nursery. I'm so excited to have a legit place to call home for this kid, even if he doesn't sleep in it for the first month or two.

I originally had a 1200$ budget but didn't end up using all of it. Not even 1000$ of it and my crib cost 330$! Pretty impressive, right? That being said, sometimes I wonder if it looks like a 100$ nursery? Haha!

It's a really small space that I think was actually intended for an extra large closet or something but the size restrictions made it fun and honestly easier.

I had some great help and some great input and I love seeing it every time I come up the stairs. Now I just need a baby to put in it.


Melissa S. said...

Seriously that is so cute. The best part is, it would make me happy just walking in there (whether it's in the middle of the night to feed the baby or not!!!). You're right, that lamp causes an overdose of happiness that is unnatural! SO CUTE

Jana said...

It's all super cute!

BootyShakerZumbaLoverOlea said...

I love, love, love it! The paper animals are too cute! and yes the crates were a perfect fit and original. You did a great job!

Heather B said...

Look at you, coming in under budget! That's awesome! It looks so cute, I love it. And you're right, who needs a big space for a tiny widdle baby! The apple crate idea was/is genius. So, I think you only forgot one thing! The BLACKOUT curtains!! (just kidding, you probably already have some.) But that's a lot of gorgeous natural light.

Heather B said...

P.S. Did I ever tell you that it's so cool that your grandma lived to be 106? Even cooler that you have something that she made in your newborns room.

kim huish said...

Darling nursery! And I keep meaning to reply to your last comment you left on my blog (about an orthopedic in your ward...). Let me just say that Tyler would die to go to Hawaii. That boy lives to surf (which may have played a small role in our coming to Long Island- he can surf here). Just 4-5 more years to go in this thing called residency though! haha

Lindy said...

I love it!!!! It looks so good.