name that kid

Anyone who's had a boy knows that male names are WAY harder than female names. Boy names suck. Here is a brief rundown of what we've been mulling over. Explanations included.

My personal fav:
Micah Tru Clark
Michael and I were both reading books and I said, "hey do you like the name Micah?" then he said, "were you just reading over my shoulder?" Turns out both of our books had a character named Micah. Neat. I also like that it's similar to Michael but not.

Next fav:
Andrew Donald Clark
I like to be able to call him Andy or Drew and Donald is my dear, sweet Grandpa's name. And I'm pretty sure none of my grampa's children, grand children or great grand children bare his name.

Next in line:
Nicholas Stuart Clark
I don't like the middle name Stuart that much. I know it's Michael's dad's name but I just don't like it. Plus his sister gave her boy the middle name of Stuart a couple of years ago so the favor is paid, ya know?

I like but Michael does not:
Micah Conrad Clark
Think of it, "yo, what's up Micah Rad, dawg?!" I don't know why Randy Jackson just entered this equation but apparently my kid is gonna be on American Idol someday or something. I also like Conrad as a first name with the shortened version of Rad. I do have to admit that I barely knew a kid in high school on the soccer team named Rad Clark. Still, since I didn't know him well, I don't really care about that correlation.

So there you have it. Okay, I lied, there's one more. Michael has a relative, a great, great something or other, named Don Carlos. He wants to combine the Donald and the Don Carlos into Donald Carlos and that would look like this.

Andrew Donald Carlos Clark

Mhm. I don't think that one requires much commentary. Sigh.

Go ahead and vote and express your opinions in the comments. I once laughed in a really good friends face till tears rolled down over the name she had chosen for her kid....till I realized she was serious. I'm not saying that was okay, I'm saying I deserve whatever giant slice of karma you wanna dish after offending her that way. ;)


Mel said...

Andrew Donald Clark. I always wanted an Andrew, Todd, not so much. He wanted Dakota.

{lindy baker cakes} said...

I love Andrew. I also like Micah, but I love Drew and I love that you'd be naming him after your Grandpa. That's my vote!

Heather B said...

I like Nicholas because Jack and Nick sounds cute. I like Micah Tru, but I want to knOw where you got Tru, since that's unusual. I love Andrew and Andy and Drew. I like all of them. Except the last one!!!!! :D

Amber said...

I'm a blog stalker of yours so who knows what my opinion is worth, ha. But I would put a little caution to Micah. I know 2 Micah's one is a girl and one is a boy. I keep hearing it for girls, and I'm all about you hear a name and know the gender. It is getting a little tricky because people keep taking boys names and using them for girls...Grr. Anyways, best of luck to you. Boys are tricky.

KaSs MiLeS said...

i like nicholas a lot. we were going to name story Milo, but she turned out to be a girl. Boy names are way easier for us. Girl names were hard, because we couldn't agree on anything. I also like Jude and Maddox. just my two cents.

Lana said...

I like all the names except for Tru. Every kid that I know that has that name are girls except for one. I know a mom who used it as her little boy's first name, and she gets made fun of all the time because it comes off as a girly name to all her friends. I think she is pretty brave, and you probably wouldn't really care what anyone was saying behind your back anyway so if you really like the name, it doesn't really matter especially since it would be a middle name. Hopefully this isn't too big of a giant slice of karma. ;)

Melissa S. said...

Micah is cute. But I REALLY like how you want to throw in "Donald" for your grandpa. You should totally go Micah Donald. ;)

Amy said...

So we have such an easier time naming boys, we already have our next. Here is my vote, I love the Micah Tru, I think it fits the other kids in your family genre if that makes sense Jack, Violet, and Micah, it just fits. Although I was hoping you would name him crash, or cash, or whatever the fast little boy is on incredibles, cause it is too coincidental you might as well finish the family off.

Don Carlos was also Joseph Smith's younger brother's name and the death of him is what prompted Joseph Smith to inquire of the lord about families being forever. Kinda a neat story to have similarities with.

We also love the name Don as a middle name, because there are a lot of peeps in our family/and special friends that have that name. Dani's name was going to be Danielle Dawn, but then we realized how close it was to Danielle Donahue, so we opted out. We picked Grace after my late grandma, and she reminds me so much of her I am glad we made that decision.

Good luck!

hughesfamily said...

Micah and Andrew and Nicholas.... All cute!

Or Don Carlos.

hughesfamily said...

Sorry... Pushed submit too soon.

Don Carlos... Is hilarious. Jack, violet, and Don Carlos. It flows so well.

Jeanette and Jason said...

Baby names are just tough! Even tougher is getting the spouse to agree. I think Micah is too similar to Michael though and might get old every time you start to say Micha.... and they both turn around. Or just go with Michael Jr. and call it a day! I'm sure you'll both love whatever you decide and soon enough you'll have that moment when you just know the one name that it has to be.

Prina Family said...

You aren't even going to consider my comment because my opinion is opposite of yours. haha. I love Stuart even as a first name. I can't love Donald. It makes me immediately think of Donald duck, Ronald Mcdonald or Donald Trump which just don't seem cute for a little boy. But i do understand the sentimental value since it's your Grandpas name. I like random parts of all your names. I like Drew, Nicholas, and Conrad. The thing is, whatever you name him will be cute because when he is born and gets his name it will just fit him and it will be cute because he will be cute :)

dani said...

I would have to vote for Micah Conrad Clark...

Maureen said...

Yep, love Stuart as a first name too! ;) that's why we used it twice~ but I know some don't like it. I love the meaning of names. He will be cute and so loved and wonderful whatever we call him!!! ;)

Lilianne said...

My vote is for Andrew Donald. Cause your grandpa is the bomb.com and Andrew is just a solid name. I like Micah, but I agree that it is too close to Michael...and there's no way to really shorten it to make it sound less like Michael.

I'm of the opinion of giving boys solid names that are gender specific, easily spelled and pronounced and will look good on a resume someday! :) YAY!! I can't believe you're having a baby. And not ONE single baby belly shot? You're killing me Smalls!!

Silvia said...

I just stumbled on your blog from Facebook- you are hilarious. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE family names. All of my children will have family names - so Donald is totally awesome and sweet and you should use it as a middle. It will be something special for this kid to hear about this amazing person who he was named after. I'm sentimental like that, maybe your not... anyhow, I love the name Micah and Conrad, you didn't have this on your list but Micah Donald Clark would be my vote.
Also, I have a coworker who had a relative named Don Carlos--he almost named is kid that, until his wife said hell to the no.