four sure!

This is Jack's 4th Birthday bash at Chuck E Cheese. The pictures are in reverse party order but still cute.

A kid can never have too many cars. Seriously, his car stash is to be envied.

I love Jack's face in this pic. The obligatory "cheese" when all he's thinking about is opening gifts.

The rainbow cake was so good and SO fun. Every child let out an "ooOOooO" or an "aAHhh" immediately upon slicing.
Worth every layer.*

You know he was all over that air hockey table.

Did you know that Chuck E Cheese will allow you to bring in all of your own party stuff? It's SO much better than forking over 10 bucks a kid for rubbery pizza, spongy cake and lame decor.

It was fun for all but especially for these two.

*For the cake I used 2 boxes of white cake mix and assorted gel food coloring. I "Sandra Lee'd" the sucker as follows. Instead of water in the cake mix I used buttermilk and I also added some vanilla extract. For the frosting I made a double batch of my own basic butter cream frosting and mixed it with a can of fluffy white. I know, I know, store bought canned frosting is the devil but I do have a soft spot for it. It turned out extremely delish if I do say so myself. Try it, you'll like it. And here is the blog with more exact directions.


Heather B said...

That cake is amazing! Thanks for posting the instructions so I didn't have to ask and then wait for reply. I didn't know that about Chuck E Cheese. Thanks for the idea! Looks like a blast. Can't believe how old our kids are getting. Jack seriously looks so grown up.

Sierra Prina said...

Oh my, we love chuck-e-cheese! Well all of us but John:) That cake is so cool!
Kyler has like 4 cars. He would be jealous

Sierra Prina said...

oops im not on my regular account but I forgot to tell you... I got my stuff from ayaya and I LOVE the bra so much! But I didnt realize you got me a top too?! I have to be honest, I dont love it. I look nasty in it. K, sorry now i feel bad

Jene and Megan said...

I seriously love that cake idea!! You know I'm gonna copy you one of these days...=) Thanks for sharing!!

Amy said...

That cake looks fantastic! Happy Birthday to Jack! Can't believe you have a 4 year old!

Way to go on all the hard hard work! Looks like it was quite the party!

Carly said...

Hey so this is totally random :) but I remember a long time ago you posted about your little guy having trouble with the Costco formula. My baby is on the enfamil formula and it's so darn expensive. I was wondering if you have heard or know if the target up&up brAnd is safe? I didn't want to try it because I remembered your story but thought I'd ask your opinion :). If you don't mind I'd love to know what you think. My email is carlymiller33@gmail.com

Jeanette and Jason said...

Sweet birthday party! They looked like they had a great time, brings me back to the days of enjoying good old Chuck E's as a kid!! Jack got the coolest cake ever, love it!

PS I love Violet's dress!