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I know when I post anything related to house and home (unless it is crafty) no one is going to comment. That's okay. It's what's on my mind lately so I'm going to post about it.

I am debating couches lately. I am finally ready to get rid of my, according to everyone else, purple couch which I always mistakenly considered brown. It's a piecer and covered in who knows what. My issue is whether or not I want to get a big sectional or just the matching sofa to my current love seat? If I do a large sectional I am crushing on both of these:

Z Gallerie
Phoenix 3 piece $1899
Karlstad $999+$299 slipcover
The good thing about the Ikea sectional is the slip cover. I would probably get the couch in the tan/grey neutral shown above with a white slip cover. I've actually been pleasantly surprised by the resilience of both of my white Ikea slip covers. Machine washable, easy on and off and just so darn convenient. The thing I love about the more expensive, Z Gallerie sectional is the wide aray of colors available and the bottom of the couch hitting the floor. Don't those little wooden Ikea legs look like they could just snap?

If I go for the option of adding the matching sofa to my current love seat in the front room, it's a lot cheaper. I have just always wanted a large sectional to fill a room and cozy up on, you know? Here she is:

Kivik sofa $599+$129 slipcover

The one good thing in this very petty (petty not pretty) dilemma is that either way I go, the coffee table I want will work. Check this sucker out.

Z Gallerie
Concentric Coffee Table $299
Isn't she lovely?

And lastly I'm in to horse prints lately. Weird? Kinda. But I've seen some beauties, not to be mistaken with Black Beauty he he he, and I can just see them working anywhere. Even, dare I say it without actually seeing it, in a baby girls room above her crib.

Z Gallerie
22 Hands $699.95 (ouch!)
54"x66" (huge!)
Mary Leslie Studio
Lock and Load $120
My original fav that I hunted for after seeing it on The Vampire Diaries. Yes, I watch that show. Yes, you're allowed to laugh.

Z Gallerie
Winter Stallion $399

While some of you may roll your eyes at any and all of this post you have to keep something in mind. If you were about to move to Hawaii, and have that move TOTALLY paid for, to the island where there is basically NO WHERE (confirmed to me by the wife of the other doc in the practice who worked at WS. She used her discount at PB before their move and never regretted it.) to shop for furniture, wouldn't you buy the large ticket items you really wanted rather than pay ridiculous shipping costs? Phew, that was a mouth full. But I make a good point don't I? Now, any opinions or just crickets?


Mel said...

Furniture and Decorating? How could I NOT comment. Having studied Interior Design and worked in the field for many years (yup...I had a different life prior to Hawaii and Motherhood) I am LOVING the Z Gallerie Sectional. They have very high quality products and you get what you pay for. There is a Z Gallerie here and everytime I walk out I feel as though I just spent 2 hours at a therapist...everything there is amazing. And go Horsey Pictures!!!!! P.S. The fabric you want to recover the tub chairs in is SOOOOOO wonderful.

Mrs. B said...

I'd definitely go for a quality piece instead of Ikea anything. That Z Gallerie couch is gorgeous. Good luck on the move, BTW. Still so jealous :)

David and Amber said...

I'm a blog stalker.. I mean follower. I used to be in your ward years ago...Anywhooo I love this decorating info, I'm about to take on my future living room and finding World Market was a Treat, thanks. I wanted to know if you loved your couch cover. They are pretty pricey and I want to be sure they come out of the dryer wrinkle free. I'm terrified of getting one more thing to iron..So do share.

Amy said...

So I love the idea of the sectional however, I am such a HUGE believer in Leather or Vinyl with kids. I know they are not as chic or in right now but they save you a LOT of head ache with cleaning and spills. We've had ours for 3 years and they still look brand new, and trust me they have seen their fair share of goobers and poops and we even have a no food or drink policy in our family room.

Heather B said...

I agree with Amy on leather or vinyl!! I love that huge sectional. How fun to be decorating and shopping now so you can slow-boat it over. I really love the first horse pic. And what is that coffee table made of? I can't tell from the pic.

Jeanette and Jason said...

I like the first sectional and the 2nd or 3rd horse the best. Have you found a place in HI yet?

Chellor said...

Dear Kat, How have you been reading my and K's mind grapes?! We too are currently looking at the IKEA Karlstad sectional AS WELL AS the Z Gallerie 22 Hands Horse print. (Mainly because K thinks the horse is scratching it's junk... sorry if I just ruined the print for you.) We were at Z Gallerie yesterday and admiring their sectional as well, but definitely don't have the cash or space for that big boy. Anyway, I love your taste and am also oddly diggin' the horse prints as well as looking for a pure white horse head sculpture. Why?Who knows!


Jana said...

Wait, so are you talking about Violet, or another baby girls crib with a horse print above it? Was that an announcement? :)

Don't worry I watch Vampire Diaries too, and I love it.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a facebook fan page? I looked for one on twitter but could not discover one, I would really like to become a fan!

Ethan Smith said...

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