while we're on the subject of WM

Since I'm thinking about it, I have a lot of items on my furniture wish list from World Market. Have you noticed that they make similar furniture from places like Anthropologie and Pottery Barn for significantly cheaper? Do you even care? Haha. Just let me finish then you can go on and not bother leaving a comment. ;)

Case in point:
This chair from Pottery barn for 245$
versus this one from WM for 109$. Personally I like this one much better anyway.

Or how about this table at Anthropologie? Verses this one at World Market? Hmmm, I'll take el cheapo thank you very much. What was that? 279$ vs. 398$. Silliness.

This little list of mine could go on and on. I know I mentioned a coupon below for WM but there is another one I'll share. It's 50$ off 200$ and while that is honestly only 25% off, it will make my two metal chairs 85$ each. I like the sound of that.

If I haven't sold you on WM yet, skip on over to this blog. They have way more style than I do and maybe they can make you see the beauty of this store better than I can. www.boxwoodclippings.com


Karly said...

hey I was thinking about you today. I know moving is stressful but I cant WAIT to see and hear about all the Hawaii adventures. Just remember your living the dream :)

Jana said...

I love world market. Home goods is also like another poor man's anthro. I feel much better getting that stuff for a bargain.

Emily Frame said...

i wish we had a world market somewhere here, its so great!

the shoes are from ross, they are stretchy and bone colored- $12.99!

Sarah said...

You know you don't need to convince us. You had us at hello!

Thanks for the shout out!

Sarah said...

Emily, there's a World Market in Fort Union. You're in Utah right?