it's sunny and warm here :b

Don't you feel like I am totally rubbing our amazing weather in your face? I am.
I know, so rude!


Jack watering the plants. Notice how he has the hose in the leaves? He insists that the tree's leaves are the parts that need to be watered. Ah well, maybe Kindergarten will help teach him?

This was Violet's first moped ride. Don't you love her safe outfit? And Michael's too? Just a little bit redneck. :D

It looks like Michael is posing but he's really just itching his head. Promise. Jack however IS posing in his ULTRA redneck outfit. Wait, can undies and socks be considered an outfit?


Aubrey said...

Those outfits look totally comfortable with this heat and my swelling phalanges!

Lilianne said...

I'm totally crackin' up!! Jack in his underwear and Michael in his gym shorts. CLASSIC. I love you guys! And miss you so crappity much!!!! And Violet is too cute. I love that little mug!

Ash said...

It cracks me up that jack is just in underwear every picture!! :) Good thing you are moving to Hawaii and not Washington or he might actually have to put pants on! It would be tragic for him.

Amy said...

Its really cold here today, I am jealous, but I am having one of those we are staying home all day to rest kinda days so I am in a way glad the warm weather isn't tempting me to do what I know I should do.