jack and the beanstalk

After my raging rant yesterday I figured I'd mellow out a little bit and give you something nice to read.

Yesterday Jack's Sunbeam teacher called to ask if she could bring me dinner. I know, right?! Total SAINT! Sunbeam teacher and bringer of delicious meals? Double points in heaven for sure. Anyway, she told me about Jack's story telling moment last Sunday.

After discussing plants during part of the lesson Jack eagerly put his hand in the air. Once called on he began to tell a story. Not just any story, one we all know, Jack and the Beanstalk. However, it was told in the first person. Ie: and then I climbed up the big stalk and I stole a chicken while the giant was snoring.

At first his angelic teacher felt the need to try to stop him because of the obvious tangent this was. After being unable to interject due to his rapid story telling pace she noticed the other children. They were all sitting there completely mesmerized by Jack's story! So what did she do? She let him finish. Righteous!

Wouldn't you let one Sunbeam wholesomely entertain the rest of the other Sunbeams for a solid 5 minutes? Cha, me too!

So how did Jack even get to know the story of Jack and the Beanstalk? Well Michael and I tell him stories every night. Mine are always made up about a fictional character I created named Hannah the Puppy but Michael's are usually traditional fairy tales.

The best part about it is that Michael doesn't tell Jack the story like he is the lead character. He tells it like it's another Jack, the original Jack, just like you would tell it to your kids. That means that the personal interpretation happened all on it's own in my boy's sweet brain. I love it.

He has the best little imagination lately and talks and talks and talks. Did I mention he talks?

Last night we went to Chuck E Cheese as a reward for Jack learning to write his name. He discovered the air hockey table and boy....that kid is a natural!

After nearly beating both Michael and I legitimately, he lost by only 1 point to a kid who must've been at least 6 or 7. It was an intense match and he didn't stop talking about air hockey for a long, long, long time.


Heather B said...

That's so dang adorable.

Carmen said...

He can write his own name?! Incredible! I get excited that my kid can spell his out loud, as far as putting it on paper...not happening :) Wish I could make a trip to AZ before you leave if for nothing more than to let our kids run all over. Heaven knows once this 3rd kid gets here I won't be island hopping for a LONG time. Guess I will just have to imagine ;)

Sarah said...

What a little stud,that is so cute!!!

Amy said...

That is adorable!

The Ensign's said...

Oh my heck! This is adorable.... and what a wonderful sunbeam teacher. It's always nice to know that are children are in excellent hands.

Melissa S. said...

I love it how you clarified that he "legitimately" beat you and Michael. :)
What a cute little Sunbeam!!!

Camille said...

I'm impressed that you make up stories for your kids. At the end of the day I'm glad to have a book where I just have to read the words and not think too much. Plus that will be a fun memory for Jack.

I would recommend that bread book. They have it at the library if you want to try it out before buying. The best part is how they teach you to make your home oven more like a bakery so the crust turns out nice and crisp.

{lindy baker cakes} said...

He is smart!