wanted, scratch that, NEEDED!!!

Anyone want to watch my kids alllllll day on Tuesday so I can go to the temple? I'm NOT joking. I have NO shame right now. I am DESPERATE. I can watch your kids someday in return but this is still gonna be a HUGE favor and I'm aware of that.

I think by this point all of you should expect a major melt down from me at least every six months or so. Yes? I agree.


Melissa S. said...

Um, do you mind flying them out to NC?!
You totally need to find a family to switch with. OR we like to take the whole family, stay in a hotel (w/ a pool, of course) and switch off btw. me and Brooks. YES, you're not going w/ Michael, but at least it's an option. He's probably working though, so that might now work.
I hope you find someone. If not, summer is coming up and maybe there's a youth in your ward that you can pay cheap to stay there most of the day.
Sorry, for my babbling, but I'm hoping you get there and trying to figure out a way for ya.

KaSs MiLeS said...

i would totally do it if i lived in arizona. sorry dude.

The Ensign's said...

did u get my text??

Prina Family said...

I would love to too if I lived by you:( Good luck

Heather B said...

That's awesome that you're coming up here to go to the temple. If you can't find someone in Tucson, bring them up here! We are mostly moved out of the house, just some cleaning and stuff, and we don't have to be out as soon as I thought (mid June) so I can watch em at the basement we're staying at.

Lindsay Gunnell said...

Hey--I'm not completely free but if you can't find anyone else give me a call and I will do it in an instant. Love you!