aww shucks

Thank you so much. It meant alot to me for so many of you to reach out. I know I seriously fished for it but I really needed it. If you haven't noticed by now, I am kinda high maintenance when it comes to needing love and attention. For some reason, there has been a drought of that in the past couple weeks from some key players in my life. I knew that if I asked in a serious heart felt way, you would all come through for me. I do feel better today. Not completely but still, much better. Thanks for being my friends even though I am needy. :) Thanks for all the nice words and thanks for responding so quickly. It was a wonderful thing to wake up to.

I also want to mention here that a tiny smidgen of my gluttonous self regretted asking for love. It doesn't seem like quite the right thing to do to ask for love. Especially when there are so many more people out there who are way more needy in a real poor, homeless, ill needy kind of way. I'm sorry if I seemed ungrateful, it's not that at all. It was just a hard day. Thanks again.


Carmen said...

clearly i missed the 'help' post...what the heck kind of a blogger bestie am I?! so hopefully today went better than yesterday, I would tell you that I too have been bummed out, but then I would be stealing your bummed out moment, so I won't go there :) btw, i have been meaning to hop on over to mommy good body to let you know that your challenge has proved both a blessing and curse, but since i'm already typing it here, I will just let you know. Blessing= 31 days sans soda (sans= french for without...ooo la la) Curse= i LOVED diet coke and dr.pepper with all my heart and then i went 28 days without it, on the 29th i tried it again because i just knew that your challenge was not going to work for me...and sadly it no longer tastes good to me...boo. lol!

Sarah said...

Hey pretty girl!! From all your stupendous advise my Zumba classes are going wonderfully smooth. I was a complete disaster before I took your much needed advise. You are always so generous with complements. 3 things I try to remember everyday is, a. just remember when you wake up, I just have to make it through today. b. serve someone or something, big or small and c. if I'm thinking something positive inside, let people know. for ex. if someone with a cute hair-do walks by don't just think, oh thats a cute hair-do. Tell them.

Prina Family said...

Kat sorry I missed your last post as I have been out of (blog) commission the past few days. But its never a bad time for love right? I dont have time to read everyone elses comments so I might repeat what others have said. You are beautiful (in and out), talented, an awesome mom and wife, inspiring, funny, honest, and a daughter of God which should make you feel the most loved!
I love that you are "high maintenance when it comes to needing love and attention." I am too and some days no matter what you just feel sad. Life is sad but you really do have so many amazing qualities! Hope you are doing better:) Your in my prayers

KaSs MiLeS said...

its okay to ask for love. sometimes people dont know when to give it, so its okay to ask.