Happy Berfdee Booty!

Can I just say, I love my husband?! Today it is official, he is 30!!! That is so old! No not really, and like I said last night he is going to be even sexier at 30 than he was at 29! I just wanna list a few of the amazing things that make him who he is.

He is the most wonderful father. There is no one who loves their son more than Michael loves Jack. Their relationship is so special and I know that they will always be best friends.

He is a caring and supportive husband. I always say that I would have never graduated if it weren't for Michael pushing/encouraging me!

He is an achiever. He sets goals and he reaches them. If he puts his mind to something it will be accomplished. It may sound simple but I find it incredible and inspiring. Honestly, think hard, how many truly goal oriented people do you know?

He is an amazing doctor. He is intelligent and competent in his field. His natural desire to succeed and do well make him one of the best residents in his program. Any patient would be lucky to have him running their surgery!

He is not only book smart but street smart too. He has been so many amazing places Nepal, Peru, on top of Mt. Everest, the list goes on and on. I always feel safe when we travel because I know that Michael is aware of things that I am not. Plus he speaks three more languages than I do which always helps.

He has a strong testimony and is a worthy preisthood holder. Need I say more?

His body never quits. I know that I complain about the fact that Michael shows results instantly but it's just because I am jealous. He could do ten crunches and his abs would ripple like the waves of the ocean! So stinkin' sexy.

I love my Booty and I am so lucky to have him as my husband and Jacks's father. He is a wonderful man and just an all around great guy in so many ways. He is definitely the packaged deal!


KaSs said...

i had no idea you married such an old fart... just joking! :0) i really didn't know he was older than you though. i know what you mean about goal oriented! Its a rare quality, Jerome has it, i DEFINITELY do not. Its an important quality to have though.

Logan said...

Well, you DEFINITELY found yourself a keeper! I feel like I need to be giving you my congratulations rather than wishing him a happy birthday! So let's say I did both. :o)

Jeanette said...

Jason also thinks his body never quits! He says Mikey is his best looking friend! Is it weird I made him tell me which friend he'd go gay with if he HAD to go gay? Maybe a little. So what.

Happy birthday!

Heather B said...

Wow, the big 30! Happy Birthday Michael- that's so cool that he's been to all those awesome places. That cake looks great, so perfectly frosted!

Kory said...

I have never seen anyone so excited about the hardy boys!

Carmen said...

Happy b-day old man. If you are ever having low self-esteem issues just come back to this blog for a confidence booster...I think it's safe to say your wife likes you :)

Makes me think about how I need to be more complimentary to my own ball and chain...huh...nice work Kat, way to set the bar high for all of us.

p.s. if you feel like farting you just go right ahead and let it fly, pregnancy gives you the right to just about any bodily function

Jessie Eyre said...

Happy Birthday!!!

So, I had a dream about you, Kat, last night. We had to do gymnastics naked or something (don't worry, I didn't see you naked but somehow I knew we were all in our birthday suits, speaking of birthdays) and you and I were LAUGHING so hard.

So funny. Random. But funny. We USED to laugh pretty hard, though! Love ya!

Jess, Dust, and Wyatt said...

Canning pears is WAY easy and they are just delicious! All you have to do is wait until the pears are perfectly ripe to your liking and then, using a pearing knife (appropriate name, eh?), take off all the skins and slice the pears up.

Just put them in a kerr or mason jar and add some homemade syrup (sugar and water...I'll ask my mom the proportions and get back with you). That's all. You'll need a canning pot/basin to seal the lids, but the whole process takes only a few hours. And they are SO beautiful and delicious.

AND, No, not pregnant. Getting very pregnant-hungry, though, so we'll see how the next year treats us. My dreams are ALWAYS crazy, always vivid, though, so pregnancy only makes things more crazy. How's YOUR pregnancy coming?!

Jana said...

I thought you were booty? I am so confused.
Happy birthday Dr Mikey.

Sierra Prina said...

This post is so sweet! I cried a little. Prob. because ive been thinking about how lucky so many of us are! I heard a story of a young couple where the husband died leaving his wife a single mother. All of a sudden i felt so blessed for my situation. Sounds like you dont take him for granted. Im guilty of that a lot. Thanks for the inspiration!

Maureen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL! Did you get our singing? (sorry Kats phone)We love you! You look so handsome with your haircut! So does Kat help you pick out your clothes the night before?
Love ya,
your sister,

Jeanette and Jason said...

Before we found out Jason totally said, "I bet we're having another girl and its payback for being such a ladies man. I'll have to fend off a bunch of guys like me when they get older!"

He's excited though, he always says how much he "loves his ladies" and now he gets one more!

What does the Chinese Calendar say for you? Its been right both times for us!

KaSs said...

i always thought you were booty and he was pickle....?