Conference Weekend

This is what happens when boys go in the kitchen. Pizza is my current obsession and since a frozen pizza from the store is at least 5 bucks I have started making my own which is way more cost effective. We had made so many that this one didn't get the same pepperoni coverage as the others. It was still delicious! Jack loves to cross the parking lot because the texture of the side-walk changes from smooth to bumpy. I wonder if he is showing early signs of OCD?! We were so lucky to be able to stay home and watch all 4 sessions of conference this weekend. We haven't had that luxury since we've been married. I love not having to get dressed or even brush my teeth! Laziness is phenomenal. We also made good use of the family time by destroying the house, eating lots of homemade pizza and taking long naps. Good times. BTW yesterday was my first ultrasound and it was so cool. It was actually the first time I had even heard the baby's heartbeat! The baby kept wagging its arms and moving its little head and of course I cried. The ultrasound tech was very nice, she even took some 3-d pics of the little nugget which are so detailed they are kinda scary! Overall, it was a great experience and can I just give a shout out to my awesome friend Lili who watched Jack so me and my new nugget could have a moment to bond. :)

This is one crazy pair. Daddy knows how to make anything fun!


KaSs said...

That video is hilarious! :0) I love family time, nothing beats it! Walmart has 99 cent frozen pizzas, they're actually pretty good, but i only eat half and jerome needs a whole, so it doesn't totally balance out.

Jeanette and Jason said...

That pizza looks so good, and like it came from a pizza place. Do you even make the dough for the crust or what? Email me your pizza recipe please! I could eat pizza all the time, I just love it!

Does Michael own a shirt? Ha ha.

Glad we're not the only ones to have a super lazy weekend, both of us didn't brush on Sunday until before we went to bed, we're sickos!

Post your ultrasound pictures! How far along are you? Our dr. with Lucy did an ultrasound when we first went in, at like 18 weeks and at 32. And they did 4D for us, it was routine and included in our insurance. This one only does it at 20 weeks, they have 4D but they only use it if you pay extra for it!

Amy said...

I love homemade pizza! I never make it tho because kory can't eat it, so I do the mini frozen pizza thing...but that is just not the same!

Congrats on hearing your tape worms heartbeat! That's very exciting!

Eevi said...

IF you have a good recipe for pizza crust, I would love to have it. MIne always comes out too doughy. Also Yay for the first ultrasound.

Carmen said...

Oh my gosh Jeanette totally made pizza for dinner tonight...you must have sent her a pretty fantastic recipe.
LOVE the video! Jack seriously cracks me up, but it's your laugh in the background that makes it even funnier. You guys seem like you are constantly having WAY too much fun around your house.

Camille said...

Trevor wanted to watch that video over and over again! Michael is such a fun daddy. If you've got a recipe for that pizza, hand it over, it looks yummy! And those cookies we had at your house.

Mo and Tory Reeder said...

Wow, the Clark family knows how to party! Is Arizona warming up to you now that it's cooling down? Yeah I know I am clever with my words LOL. We need to get together soon-- just the other day Mo was telling me how much fun he used to have with your hubby... Who knows, maybe some day our paths will cross. We need a vacation so maybe we will head south-east (i think that is where you are compared to us)

Your pizza looks good, seriously... When I try to make pizza it comes out more like a cracker with cheese on top... Send me the recipe. :)


P.S. Please let me know if my blog ever falls under the- reading that made me dumber - group... you've made me self-conscience LOL

LeeRae said...

Oh man that pizza looks so good! I'm getting hungry again and it's passed 12am...

What a fun daddy Michel is...
I love the clip~ ^0^