A couple of books

So as you all know I am a professional tv-holic, however, I also really really love to read. Sometimes I actually try and do both at the same time, which is pretty pathetic. Anyway, I wanted to post about a couple of books I have read in the last week.

This may come as a shock (insert dry sarcastic tone here) but I am a total nerd and loved the Twilight series right along with the other bajillion people out there. This obsession keeps me checking the Stephenie Meyers website basically everyday. Ok there is no need to throw the "basically" in that sentence, I actually do check it everyday. If any of you out there are as lame as me you know that her last post was about a book that she was reading called The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. She wasn't lying when she said it was amazing. I was so desperate to finish reading it that I almost skipped out of church early to finish it.

Next, I just finished a book called Zipped tonight written by Laura and Tom McNeal. It was not quite as gripping as The Hunger Games but was well written and witty and I liked it. Plus Laura McNeal is a Mormon so there were some familiar references in there which was kind of fun.

Both of the books are young adult novels which might be a turn off to some of you. For me it makes them even better for some reason. I wonder if I will be like Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite someday and buy a time machine off ebay to relive my high school glory days? If any of you end up reading or have read either of these two books let me know what you think.

As for the Twilight series, those books are not up for discussion. I have realized that it is just way too hard for me to hear anyone's critiques of the books without getting really defensive. And since this pregnancy has made me extra mean and evil I don't want to lose any friends. So skip speaking about Twilight but please pipe up about the other two if you get around to it. Peace.


Sierra Prina said...

I haven't read your blog in a while and now all of a sudden your pregnant! Just wanted to say congratulations!
P.S. I love your posts. When i get around to reading them they make my day:)

Jana said...

Twilight sucks...I don't know what your problem is! What a loser!

Ha ha... as if they don't rule my life too! Don't tell anyone but I have read them all 3 times, I know I am so ashamed.

Thanks for the recommendations, I am always looking for new stuff to read.