A few things

Sometimes I am funny. Like last night when the Body Combat instructor was picking on me for doing Body Step and I said, "you better watch out or I'm gonna come to your class and fart and clear everyone out!"

Sometimes I am mean. Like when I read all of Josie's text messages a couple of weeks ago out of boredom while she was sleeping.

It is getting harder and harder to poop. Yikes! I am only 8 or so weeks along. It is looking like hemorrhoids are going to be unavoidable this time...wa wa wa.

Jack is even more cuddly now than he was when I was nursing him. Hallelujah!!! I was so worried I would miss out on our snuggle time.

This weekend will be my first official day/days away from Jack and I am getting a little nervous. I always daydream about it but now that it is happening it is like, "lions and tigers and bears oh my!"

I am having a hard time ceasing shopping even though I know soon I will be enormous and unable to wear the things I am buying.

I will never go to another ward play group ever again! EVER!

Mexican food is sooooo good!

And that's that.


Sarah said...

Kat, your comments never cease to make me laugh!! It was go good to see you and i am so excited for your new little one on the way, hopefully i wont be too far behind you.

Olga said...

What happened at the ward play group?

Olga said...

P.S.- I miss you very very much...:((

Margie Vance said...

girl... you CRACK ME UP! And you always keep it real, that's what I love about you! If only everyone could be that real about life.

Jeanette and Jason said...

Um try the prescription prenatal, I think its called Precare Premier or something like that. I got it along with a bunch of other samples from my dr. but that one will help with your little issue!!

And aren't you worried the boring gals at the ward play date might read your blog??

Jana said...

Yeah being pregnant sucks!
There has got to be an easier way! Oh wait nope... no easier way!
If it's any consolation about 90% of you blog readership is feeling your pain right now.