Should I?

Here is a series of questions that I currently can't seem to find the answers to on my own. I am going to list them by number and if you have a take on any of them please feel free to chime in with honesty. Remember, honesty is the best policy! Even if you think it might sting. I am actually pretty thick skinned and besides, I am asking for it, so no worries about hurting my feelers!

1. Should I still wear a bikini?
2. Should I get pregnant now or wait a while?
3. Should I get a job when we move to AZ?
4. Should I start dancing again?
5. Should I hire a babysitter so I can train for a marathon?
6. Should I cut my hair like this?

7. Should I cut Jack's hair?
8. Should we buy a house or should we rent for the last three years of residency?
9. Is it bad if I secretly long to be someone else about once a week?


Heather B said...

Some VERY good questions my friend. I'll give you my best answers.

1. A tough one. I'm still undecided myself. Probably won't unless I'm in Hawaii.

2. NOW!! Get Jack a Buddy!

3. No, think how much you'll miss Jack and the little thing he does.

4. Yes, start dancing again, it's so good for stress and self-esteem and the endorphins...great!

5. Only if the running really makes you feel better physically and emotionally.

6. YES YES YES, you'd look SOO cute.

7. No, he still looks like a boy. Wait longer, it's so cute.

8. Don't buy a house unless it's a SCREAMING good deal (like a foreclosure) because the market's great for buying, terrible for selling, and it should be better in three years, but you sure don't want to be stuck with a house if they're not selling.

9. Nothing at all wrong with that. Just keep reminding yourself how we all wish we were YOU sometimes too.

And that's what I think about that.

Kelli &/or Kyle said...

1. Totally still wear a bikini until people barf when they look at you.
2. Up to you
3. No, stay with your kid
4. Yes for sure
5. Depends on how long he'd be babysat for.
6. Idk.
7. His hair looks fine.
8. I don't know anything about buying houses, Kyle says were renting until we die.
9. Everyone does it.

{lindy baker cakes} said...

1. Wear a bikini because you are smokin' hot.
2. What ever you feel is right. If it were me, I'd probably wait, but you are you.
3. I say get a job. A small one at like Gap or Pottery Barn to give you discounts for working once or twice a week.
4. You are a beatiful dancer. I would say start again. Do you have a goal in mind?
5. It is not a goal of mine to run a marathon, but if it's your goal then hire a babysitter.
6. I LOVE your hair, but if you want to snaze it up a bit then I say do it. Actually I say do it anyway. It's cute and hair grows fast so I'd say do it.
7. I like Jack's hair, maybe cut it for AZ though because he'll probably have a sweaty wet scalp because of the scorching heat.
8. I say wait to buy until you know where you're going to be. Unless you find a smokin' deal.
9. I think it's normal to long to be someone else for a day. As long as it's a day. If it's longer than that then you are just a crazy stalker. hahah..I'm just kidding, I think everyone does that. You shouldn't need to though because you are beautiful, wonderful, happy, crazy, genuine, sincere, wise, loving, and I think the world of you!

Sarah said...

1- Of course you should wear a bikini, you look great, and besides one peices are not cute, tankinis are though, but you definately look great in a two peice.
2-You could go either way on the pregnancy, depending on whether you want to run marathons, work, or just enjoy Jack a little more. I think 2-3 years age difference is perfect.
3-I think if you dont have to work, why? You are working all day with your baby, but it is fun to have a job that is like your hobby to get away every once in a while and make a little extra cash.
4-Definately start dancing again. It is the best way to stay in shape, and it is so much fun. I keep telling myself i am going to start again, but its hard when it has been so long. I say just do it!!
5-I think its awesome to set a goal like a marathon and you get in great shape. It wouldn't be bad to have a neighborhood girl or someone you trust over for an hour or two each day and it probably would not cost you that much.
6-Your hair would look way cute like that. I say go for it!!!
7-I say keep Jack's hair growing, he is a surfer baby, it could be cute all shaggy. But he will be adorable either way.
8-I say rent for now and buy the dream home later. Its cheaper and less stressful, and who knows where you will be three years from now and you don't want to be stuck with a house you can't sale.
9-Ummm, i think those thoughts go through every normal persons mind atleast once a week. I know i do that all the time, whether its to be prettier, skinnier,have more money, be a stay at home mom, whatever, the grass always looks greener on the other side. You have everything in the world to be happy for, but we all go through that.

Jana said...

Yes you should wear a bikini.
yes you should get pregnant, but not until after me because we have been trying for months and it would make me a little bitter.
If you want to work, you should try to get a job at a high end golf course... I hottie like you would make mad tips... although you'd have to serve drinks and let old guys hit on you.
Yes you should dance.
Yes that is a cute haircut.
I like long hair on boys, but i say trim it if there are a few extra long stragglers.
I would rent. We feel trapped.
That's all I got.

Mel said...

1. With a body like yours...wear that bikini with pride!
2. Having our kids this close together is the best thing ever, I would do it again in a heart-beat
3. A job would be fun as long as the money you make isn't just enough to pay the babysitter.
4. Dance, always dance, even if it is just in the living room with Jack.
5. Find a friend in AZ that will train "with" you. By that, I mean someone else who has kids and you can swap for an hour or so each morning and be one another's motivator.
6. Totally cut the hair, it's a cute and fun change.
7. Don't cut his hair till someone says he looks like a girl (but his features don't even hint femininity).
8. If you've got the money to put down and an income coming in...buy yourself a house.
9. I long to be you at least twice a week, and it only inspires me to be a better person, so go ahead.

KaSs said...

1. Absolutely!!
2. When you feel the time is right.
3. Maybe very very part time
4. yes!
5. If you want to.
6. I don't think so.
7. His hair is just great how it is
8. RENT, buying is so stressful and over rated!
9. I do it daily!

Kory said...

1. No
2. I have no opnion on this. Maybe the first time ever I've not had an opinion.
3. No, be with your kid.
4. Yes!
5. If it's something you want to do.
6. The top style would be much more flattering for you face. I'd have to see the other one.
7. No, long hair is cool.
8. Definately buy, renting is a waste and houses are cheap now.
9. It's fine as long as you're still happy with yourself. If it's because you don't want to be you, you're not being honest with yourself.

kristi said...

ok soo first run a marathon i know you you will love training for it and you wil feal soo good when you cross that finish line. Maybe it will be a little time away from jack but that is ok you deserve it your a great full time mom. Yes get pregnant after a marathon. you will have lost weight not that you need it but it will make you feel better about puttin on those extra preggy pounds. plus the kids will be close in age no dont get a job do you really need to? no be a mom and the go teach some exercise classes for some xtra $ and time for you. yes buy a home make an investment. not so sure about the hair i love yours and if you get bangs you cant go back for a long time. if you dont like it. dont cut jacks hair. look at holdens i like it lond his is soo cute!! its ok to wish to be someone else. as long as you dont mind coming back.

kristi said...

Oh i forgot gooooo dance its one of your passions right even if it caint happen for a year or now dont give it up and you would be crazy to not wear a bicini have you really seen yourself latley YOUR HOT!!

Amy said...

1. I used to be torn with that same question, until I started teaching swimming lessons and HAD to wear a one piece or tankini, and I felt so much more confident with myself, and I have actually found a lot of cute one pieces. I am not saying that you should do that,but I think because you are asking yourself that you may not be confident in your bathing suit, so basically I am telling you this, do the one that makes you feel more confident.

2. That depends if you want your kids to be close in age.

3. Stay home with your baby if you can. If you find yourself bored, maybe start taking a dance class again...or TEACH a dance class

4. My sister is doing that right now, and she has 3 kids, and she does it in the early mornings while her husband is still home. You could try that?

5. I say cut! It will give you confidence and make you feel refreshed! Plus its hair, it WILL grow back

6. Again it will grow back, and it will nice and cool for the hot heat in AZ

7. Ask heavenly father on that one. That's what we did, and yes sometimes its stressful, but you won't be STUCK you will have a place of your own. And your money is going towards something, not just to someone else. You are paying your own mortgage, and not someone else's. And the prices aren't getting ANY better, they just go up. But pray pray pray about it. It's a huge step

9. Totally normal. But try to find ways to be content with your own life, and trust Heavenly Father that he has a plan for you too.

Kat Clark said...

I just want to thank everyone for the great ideas! It is fun to hear the opinions of friends! I can't help but to point out how all of the Anderson's chimed in!!! What a riot, how fitting?! Anyway, good stuff for me to think about and consider. Thanks again.

Summer said...

1. Well, you've definitely got the bod to pull it off, but I say mommies should stick to less revealing swimwear.
2. I went back and forth with this one for a while. Do I give myself a nice break between nursing and getting pregnant again? I mean come on....I don't want to be nursing or pregnant the rest of my life! And then I thought on that note, maybe that's reason to spend the next 6 years getting it all over with so I can be done having babies at a young age! So, our two will be just about 21 months apart, not super close, but definitely closer than not. I'm gearing up for the first months to be hard, but I think once my second is old enough to actually interact more it will be nice for Kennedy to have a playmate so I'm not the one always having to entertain her. You should check back with me on this one in five months to see if I still have my sanity! (Honestly though, I think if you include Heavenly Father, you'll feel when it's a good time.)
3. If you're looking for some YOU time I say pick up on some hobbies rather than get a job. Being a mommy is job enough.
4. Absolutely. You are so talented. I've been kicking myself for not keeping up on it. And remember what Elle says on Legally Blonde....."exercising releases endorphins, endorphins make you happy and happy people don't just go killing their husbands." :) Brilliant.
5. See comment above on exercise. :) Also, I don't think you should feel guilty for getting a babysitter so you can have some YOU time. Every mommy deserves some time to themselves so if your hubby's schedule is too demanding to allow you this, than by all means, get a babysitter. Granted I don't know what type of time commitment training for a marathon takes because I'm officially lazy and a despiser of running myself. :)
6. I think you'd look great! It's always fun to try something new. Hair always grows back anyway. (This coming from the super conservative hair style gal. :) But I have enjoyed my one daring move of getting bangs.)
7. Love the locks, but I agree with Lindy, a nice buzz might be just what the little tyke needs in that Arizona heat!
8. We have loved owning our condo even with being starving students. It's so nice to have the freedom to do what we want when we want with the place. Also, if you buy, you'll get a really nice Tax Deduction from all the money you pay towards interest each month. If the AZ market is in a slump like it seems to be everywhere, it would be a good time to buy as the market will probably correct itself by the time you want to sell. Then again, it is nice to have the flexibility of renting. When my hubby and I decided to buy we did a little spreadsheet to compare what we would be spending on rent vs. mortgage and it helped to look at the actual dollar difference along with some pros and cons.
9. I say you're doing good if it's just once a week! It can get so hard as a mom to remember and really digest that we're "doing the most important work" here on earth. Most days I don't feel like that. And definitely there are days I wish my life were different. I think that's totally normal. It's unrealistic to think that we can be happy, peachy keen 24/7. That's the problem with Utah moms/mormons.....you can't be expected to be a stepford wife! What wouldn't be normal is if you wallow in it or think about it so much that it starts to depress and consume you. Especially now that I'm pregnant I have crazy dreams all the time that I'm living a different life....mostly fantasies. I try not to give any weight to them. :) For what it's worth, I can tell you are a phenomenal wife and mom.....not because you're perfect or do everything right, but because I can tell you genuinely love and care for your little family. The fact that you would even ask some of these questions shows you care deeply. And that is what makes you a great mommy.
(Wow, and my apologies for the novel.)

Summer said...

PS Where in AZ are you moving?

Jess, Dust, and Wyatt said...

My mom always told/tells me that when you have a decision to make that just sits heavily on your mind ALL THE TIME, you have to just MAKE A DECISION and see how you feel. If you're nervous or anxious or sad or mad or scared or frustrated or....then it was the wrong decision and you need to take an about-face and choose again. If you feel happy and excited and ready and calm and collected, then you know its right. So.........that's what I have to say about ALL of those questions. Just make a decision. And then you'll know. :)

Love ya

Jeanette & Jason said...

Dear Baywatch,

1. If you're always running around in that red bikini I will have to call you something else.
2. Now
3. No
4. Get down
5. Jogging stroller?
6. Yes
7. No
8. Just rent unless you plan on staying in Tucson after his residency
9. Is it Wonderwoman?

Josie Lee said...

Yes, you have a good bod and cute kini's.
Yup, I'd like another please, asap.
If you wanna, or if you need to.
The marathon and dancing thing: if you don't get prego now sure, go for it. I think you'd enjoy it.
You should all encompassingly cut your hair like that.
Yes you should cut his hair you weirdo....long baby hairs...weird...
Just rent, AZ is too far away from me. Roar.
Uhhhh, when you do think that, you should call me. Mmph.

Hayley Anderson Photography said...

I'm only commenting on the ones I feel comfortable giving advice to. So just because I don't comment on them doesn't mean it's a no :)

1. YES... You have a killer body
4. YES... Don't ever stop
5. YES... You deserve time for yourself. Especially for something so cool!
6. YES... I really like that style
9. Not at all... I think that's totally normal. I do it too. And I bet you'd be surprised at how many girls are secretly wishing they were you.

p.s. I posted the pictures you wanted to see... You'll have to let me know what you honestly think. After all, honesty is the best policy :)

Ashley & Chris said...

KAT if i say YES TO ALL!! except about Jacks hair. You should definitely cut your hair I have been a new woman ever since i switched mine up a but. Ah i can't wait to see what comes of these questions

Kory said...

Are you saying my family is opionated?

Fullmer Family said...

Yes to the bikini, if you don't have stretch marks do it:) And do the hair cut, way cute!

J&B Barrett said...


Kayla R. said...

OK looks like you have a lot of ideas... i think
1. YES
2. um...what ever you feel like
3. um no
4. YES
5.YES love marathons!
6. oooohhh i like it
9. totaly normal

Bree said...

What the KAT BAILEY ( I guess Clark now...)

It's Bree Bigler (Hafen now!) What a darling you are! And your hubby and son are similarly gorg! Wow, I haven't seen you in what seems like - and probably has been - ten years! I just wanted to say love you, and I'll definitely be checking back.

P.s. I totally have the bikini issue. I am the YW pres, and we have a community pool so I am always nervous that some of the girls will show and be like: "SISTER HAFEN'S WEARING A BIKINI!" So I bought myself 2 nice one pieces this year for the first time since Jr High! It was a decision that I felt good about for sure.