Jack's Birthday Party

First off I just want to say thankyou, thankyou, thankyou to all of the well wishes, love and support we recieved on Jack's Birthday. I am especially grateful to those who were able to come to his party. Even though we had a small turn out :( it really meant alot to me to have friends there to help celebrate Jack. The support of people attending the party was the greatest gift of the day and so I am including quite a few pictures to try and get everyone in. It was also so great to have a family member there a.k.a. Uncle Tony! I know he was probably dying to hit the surf but he stuck it out from set-up to clean-up! We love you Uncle Tony! I know I have way to many pictures in this post but I didn't want to make a slide-show. No one takes the time to look at slide shows anyhow! So if you get sick of scrolling down, I apologize. :)

I know it's blurry but he was so excited to sit in his baby lawn chair for the first time! A special thanks to Carmy Quigs for leaving it for us! :)

The monkey cake! A huge thanks to Kristi for the idea! Way better than a store bought cake!!!

The Chunky's family posing with the cake.

Pissed about the hat and the lei, but very cute. :)

Clark family in home-made party hats.

Doin' tricks.

Posing like the monkey he is.

Monkey Mommy.

Monkey Uncle Tony

Seriously Monkey Daddy.

Monkey Olga.

Monkey Margaret

Monkey Marty

Watching beautiful Nia blow bubbles. Fascinating!

Just before we "blew out the candles." (Fierce trade winds + birthday candles = nothing to blow out!)

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Apparently the Clark squint. Sunglasses anyone?

Birthday boy and his balloons!


Summer said...

Love his cute shirt! And thanks for the tip on the flour. Who knew you could put flour in the fridge? Not I. Made your peanut butter cookies last night -- DELICIOUS!!! Can't wait to make the second ones.

Summer said...

PS. I think your new nickname should be Domestic Diva. :)

KaSs said...

That cake looked so so cute!! Very very creative! Looks like you guys had a fun party! Happy Birthday again! :0)

Jeanette & Jason said...

I love his "chunky" onesie!

kristi said...

Oh how cute is he. Chunky is one!!! You did an awsome job on the cake!! Did you make his onsie sooo cute!

Ryan said...

so cute! happy birthday to Jack! you are the party planner Kat, all the way down to the invitations, cake, hats and I especially love the stick your head in the monkey drawing, so cute. i miss chatting with you too! call me anytime, I'm usually avaliable. enjoy the last moments in Hawaii! aloha

Heather B said...

D jorm fvtr (okay, those comments were from Kalia, have Jack translate.) We both watched the video and looked at the pictures and felt sad we weren't there, it looked like SO much fun! Jack was so cute when he was getting sung to, he totally knew it was all for HIM! Adorable cake and onesie and everything!!

Kayla R. said...

absolutely adorable!!! love all the pics:) Happy Birthday sweetie*

Kelli &/or Kyle said...

Kyle will kill me for saying this, but it's true. And he only will kill me because I make fun of his mustache too. Your husband looks much better without the mustache. Everyone looks much better without a mustache, me included.

Jana said...

That was a really cute party idea! I loved it all, very adorable!

Fullmer Family said...

Oh we so wish we could have been there!!! I love the chunky monkey theme, so creative! You guys are such a cute family!