Things I Know That I Forget

Here is a list of things that I know that I forget often times. It seems like I always forget it when it is most relevant.

1. The fact that when I am nervous to see someone I haven't seen in a while, they are just as nervous as I am.
2. That my husband loves me.
3. That I am a daughter of God.
4. That people can see me picking my nose through the window even though we are in different cars.
5. That it's not ok to burp or fart in public.
6. That your house will always look messy if the dishes aren't done.
7. That all of my possessions can be classified as "stuff".
8. That someday I will be able to comfortably afford said "stuff".
9. That I can do most things, even if I don't do them well, I can still do them.
10. That nobody is perfect.
11. That almost rotten brown bananas make the best banana bread.
12. That I should do my visiting teaching every month.
13. The Fraggle Rock theme song.
14. Lindy Rawle's birthday.
15. The name of the friendly security guard downstairs.
16. How many eggs go in the cornbread recipe.
17. How boring my life was before I had Jack.
18. How miserable I get when I don't do what's right.
19. How good it feels to workout. (I forget this one everyday, right about the time I am supposed to go workout ;b)
20. Michael's social security number.
21. How bad it hurts to have a baby, even with an epidural.
22. That 4 quarters is still a dollar even though individually it is only 25 cents.
23. How to spell the word restaurant.
24. That life will go on.
25. That there are valuable coupons for various stores stashed in my purse.
26. That my Gramma is really gone. (I think this one is a coping mechanism.)
27. That I have done some pretty cool things.
28. That I actually don't like balsamic vinegarette on my salad at all.
29. That Edward and Bella aren't actually real people. :(


Margaret said...

What??? NO WAY! Edward and Bella are real!!! This is like learning that santa isn't real all over again! :)

Logan said...

Hey, I just made some banana bread with bananas that were so black they were starting to ooze. Yeah, sounds gross but it will be sooo good! I like that whole list. I wonder what I could come up with if I did the same thing...?

KaSs said...

Gee, i thoroughly appreciate number 21!! Now i'm even more nervous!! I was told it wouldn't hurt with an epidural!! (granted, Jerome said that...) Also, i often forget that I'm not Bella.... :0)

Kayla R. said...

love the picking your nose... ha ha

Heather B said...

I loved that whole list. So much.

{lindy baker cakes} said...

Haha...this list is so you! I love it!!! Thanks for sharing. I'm so sad that Edward and Bella aren't real. I'm obsessed. Also...don't worry about my birthday anymore silly!!! It's okay I promise! Love you.

Chellor said...

Number 23 gets me all the time! Argh./

Fullmer Family said...

the dishes part is too true. All too true.

Kory said...

4. We all know it doesn't bother you that they can see you.
11. Now I need some banana bread
13. Blasphemy!

Kat Clark said...

In reply to Kory,

Ahem. I never said it bothered me, I only said I forget that others can see me.

Chelsboo said...

I love this list~
I so agree on #6,17,21,23...hehehe

Chris said...

to every single number i said to myself "yep" with a little giggle and smile. Kat you are something special and I love it!!

Jana said...

I forget most of that stuff too... Especially the coupon one! why do I stick them in there if I'm never going to use them!

Yeah bella's not real, but edward is... and he's mine, all mine!

Jeanette & Jason said...

Ha ha I love it! I can never spell restaurant either for whatever reason, I am normally a super good speller.... So instead of having to spell the word I just say, uh that one place with the food where you eat. So lame! I'm glad Bella isn't real, she drives me crazy, no one can be that clumsy! No one!

Sarah said...

I love that list, they are all so true, i think i call Justin atleast once a month for his social security, you think i would just take the time to just memorize the dang number.