Warm Fuzzies

Currently I am:
1. Licking the bowl clean that was used to make my cake.
2. Reading and re-reading the most nicest and wonderfulest thing that anyone has ever said about me.
3. Watching the final four game, wait it just ended, scratch that one.
4. Being consumed by the warm fuzzies.

Seriously people, if I knew that blogging land would be so friendly and kind I would have joined a loooong time ago. Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes and for just thinking positively about me. I really do appreciate you taking up brain space for a second to ponder little old me!!! So far it has been a stellar day and I have the feeling that it will continue! (cause I haven't even opened my presents! I am rubbing my hands together like a greedy troll right now! he he he!) Hopefully we will have some great photos of our day that I can post soon. Until then, Aloha my peeps and Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me....

1 comment:

Mel said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Looks like we'll be seeing you in a month or so....