This post is being written by guest author and close friend, Heather Bigler....yes, she once told me her password and I STILL REMEMBER and now I'm HACKING INTO HER BLOG to tell the world how WONDERFUL she is and why we are all so lucky that she came into the world on April 5th. This is a picture of me and Kat at my surprise birthday party...SHE was the one to tell me all kinds of lies to get me to the party without suspecting anything. It was awesome. I wish I could do the same for her now, but I don't live in Hawaii anymore, dang it!! So here's the surprise Kat...and don't be mad. You deserve it.

And now...my tribute to Katherine Elizabeth Clark, the coolest girl I know:

Well, I could write a novel about Kat. I'll never forget the day I had to say good-bye, as we were moving from Hawaii. I'd never felt that kind of pain of losing the best friend I'd ever had, not knowing when I'd see her again.

She came into my life when Jack was 7 weeks old, and I was 37 weeks pregnant. As soon as I met her and talked to her, I walked off with my husband and said, "I think she's going to be my new best friend." I was right.
She got me through those last three miserable weeks of pregnancy. It was her pool that I floated around in, and her stairs that I went up and down that finally got my labor started.

I remember one time being so hungry for fast food, but too fat and lazy to leave my house. She dropped in with some Jack in the Box, and made my whole day.
And one I'll NEVER forget, shortly after having my baby, I went back to the ER and couldn't nurse for 24 hours...guess who donated breast milk for my baby girl??
KAT DID! (My mother-in-law was so impressed that I had a friend like that.)

She was the one who listened to every story, complaint, or problem I ever had. As anyone can attest, she is SOOO easy to talk to, and she always makes you feel good about yourself, and she makes all these great, valid points that help you clear your thoughts. She's SO REAL, and I love that about her.

She has so many amazing qualities, let me list just a few more:
  • She's an INCREDIBLE cook. I learned a hundred things from her, and my husband likes her cooking better than my own.

  • She's super knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, and has the fabulous body to show for it.

  • She's so smart...she can sit and argue about politics with the best of them. Most of what I learned about politics, I probably learned from her.

  • She's a wonderful mom. She has the darling, wonderful Jack to show for it, and she has given me so much advice about being a mom.

  • She's absolutely gorgeous. She's going to be modeling next week in Kauai, and it's OBVIOUS why...hello, America's Next Top Model. Strikingly beautiful...Beautiful hair, skin, teeth, eyes, I'm sure every girl is jealous of at least five to eight parts of her, or else they just want to BE her, cause let's face it, who doesn't...

  • She's beautiful on the inside too. She has her priorities straight, and faithfully attends to what's most important.

  • She keeps an IMMACULATE house, and has totally shown me that it CAN be done, and it feels so much better when it's that way.

  • She's just a sexy mamacita and Michael's lucky to have her.
    Happy Birthday Kat...I guess you can go and change your password now, but don't forget how much you are loved.


Kory and Amy said...


What a good friend! I hope your day was spectacular, I mean how can it not be, you're in Hawaii! Your baby is getting huge!

|emily| said...

not creepy at all. if i knew you had a blog before, i'd be on it as well!

Hayley Anderson Photography said...

What a cute friend you have. And Happy Birthday! You really have the cutest little family and such a fun life! Thanks for the nice compliments, I appreciate that a lot. You should definitely give me a call next time you are in town. Your family is so beautiful it would be EASY to get some great shots :)
It was great to hear from you, I look forward to checking out your blog from here on out!

Fullmer Family said...

Hey you! Thanks for the comment on the blog! Yes i am prego! crazy. Your family is super cute and i am so jealous that you are living in hawaii. Hopefully in like a year we will be out there. Hey, can i put you on my blogger list? Good to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kat!
I am stoked to see you started a blog! Let the stalking begin!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Kat!!! I am so glad you left a message! What a good friend you have to leave all those nice comments about you which are 100% true. I was going to tell we are coming to Oahu May 18-25 with my parents and Logan and his wife and i thought it would be so fun to see you and your fam. You are beautful and your baby is so adorable, hope you have a fabulous day!!!

KaSs said...

I think that is fantastic! You seem to have such an awesome life and family and friends!

Margaret said...

I LOVE THIS POST! What an AWESOME surprise! Again, Happy birthday! It 's been wonderful knowing and having you as my visting teacher.... soooo down to earth. And I have to agree with Heather, YUP... TOTALL AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL! We'll have to see those modeling pictures on here :) See you around!

{lindy baker cakes} said...

What a nice friend!!! I love you and I'm so glad that we've remained friends through the years! Sorry about my April Fools Day joke. I am sad it's not true now.

Maureen said...

Happy Birthday to Kat! My family is so lucky to have such an awesome girl! all these things are true! Go girl!We love you! Maureen

Summer said...

So I found you while blog stalking and what a sweet post. So true. I have always admired your honesty and candor. And of course I covet you're gorgeous physique. And how did you get lucky enough to get larger and perfectly perky boobs after having a baby? My shrunken and saggy pair are thinking a lift or enhancement would be nice in the future. :) Ha. Michael and Jack are lucky indeed. Happy Belated Birthday.