Bath time = Me time

My wonderful husband has without fail been faithfully bathing Jack for the last, oh I don't know, 6 months every night he is home. He never even puts up a fuss (Michael not the baby) and to make it even better he is very patient. He actually likes to let the baby splash and play for at least 20 minutes every night. This is like heaven for me. I'll admit that most nights I run around the apartment repairing the damages of the day done by King Kong Jack but tonight...nothin', I did nothin'. There are still dishes in the sink, the laundry is waiting to be folded in the dryer and I still haven't eaten dinner. But who the freak cares, I am allowed to slum it for one night and not be the perfect wife/mother. (Not like I ever will be but...) I am just so grateful to my sexy and dedicated husband who is willing to take the baby for the last part of everyday and do the dirty work.

Moving on, so my Birf-day was stellar! Lets list a few of the highlights; I got to watch conference baby free, eat a ginormous cheeseburger and a basket-o-fries, surf waikiki at sunset, spend two hours at home alone, attend a surprise dinner party and open a gaggle of gifts! I recieved so many phone calls, text messages, emails and birthday cards that I can't remember a time I felt more loved on one day. So thankyou to all who were kind and thoughtful, thanks especially to my husband who bought me exactly what I wanted and made sure I had a spectacular 24th!

Both Michael and my little sister Josie bought me the same card! Seriously what are the odds?

I still haven't gotten my wish! Freak!
Daddy and baby went shopping in matching plaid shirts...aww!
Mommy's spread while she was home alone for two whole hours! How relaxing.
I am smiling like I love them but really I can't wait for them to leave me alone. :)
Once again matching for the priesthood session. So adorable, I mean just so freakin' adorable!
My special surprise party at CPK. (Yeah that's right, I just initialed California Pizza Kitchen, wazzup?)


Chelsboo said...

It's so nice to see you here.
Happy Late Birthday~~~ looks like you had a great one!

baby Jack is getting big! He Looks so cute in a tie~ i just want to kiss his cute little cheeks~~~

KaSs said...

I'm glad you had such an awesome birthday!

Ashley & Chris said...

You are so pretty I can't stand it. You are not allowed to post anymore pictures of yourself for the sake of my self esteem. Thank you!! :) I know the sister missionary curse of weight gain. They give you 30 mins every morning to work out and i just took advantage of that time. GOOD TIMES

saraH said...

Haha the comment above made me laugh, kat remember when your mom used to take us to The Marriott hotel in SLC and spend the night there every year on your b-day? and we would swim, shop, pig out...man i miss those times. I miss you so much Kat! reading ur blogs makes me feel like i'm catching up on the lost times with you! keep it up! ^ ^

Sarah said...

Kat, looks like you had so much fun!!! Me and Lindy were just talking last night about how pretty you are. Im glad you had a great day!!!

Heather B said...

That was a fun post! I found out about your surprise party the night after I talked to you on the phone, and I was SO happy that you were going to get one after all. What an awesome birthday! Did Michael seriously take Jack to Priesthood to give you some alone time. HE'S THE BEST! So what was it that he got you?? I'm so happy you had a wonderful birthday!!!!!!!

Kat Clark said...

He bought me a new ipod since mine was lost/stollen right after Christmas. I still haven't set it up since we technically shouldn't be making such frivalous (sp?) purchases right now. It really was what I wanted but now I feel a bit guilty...And by the way, my Birthday started off great with argueably the best gift ever, yours!!!

Heather B said...

A new ipod!! YEAH!! (I don't even remember this stolen ipod thing, how did I miss it?) Don't feel guilty, you got him the freaking nicest surfboard ever. He owed ya.