small fry

Let's be honest. A huge part of why I'm blogging about this is to enter the giveaway for the free iPad mini but another reason is the opportunity it gives me to fess up and be honest about a few things.

When my high school/acquaintances started Small Fry Blog a few weeks ago I went through some strange emotions. I thought, "man, these girls really want to be famous." I also thought, "man, these girls are cute and classy, wish I was too." I even thought, "look at all the cute things they do with their kids, I feel like a terrible mother." It really was a bad start for me.

The truth is, I am a jealous person. I always have been and I'll always struggle not to be. So up until about a week ago when one of the Small Fry Blog creators came to Kauai for a visit, I felt all of this judgmental, childish, rotten jealousy. But once I hung out with this girl, this super cute, truly talented girl, I knew I had them (the creators of Small Fry Blog) all wrong.

Sure, they want to get notoriety and publicity but what talented person doesn't want to be recognized for their talents? It's not vanity or narcissism it's finding joy in sharing your best self with other people. I'm the same way. I LOVE teaching/dancing/performing during Zumba class. It brings me SO much joy I can't even explain it. It also fills me with gratitude that I even get the chance to share my talents in that way.

If I think about my friends or family and ask myself what I really love about them I often think of their talents. My sister in law the seamstress, my husband the driven surfer, or my Grampa the patient optimist. Part of what we love about other people is what they're good at. I'm thankful for the talents of the people I love or the friends I know and I'm thankful for when talented people display and share what they can do.

So, after this big long confessional, what is my point exactly? Only that this blog, Small Fry Blog, is full of creative, cute and crafty ideas that will beautify your life and the lives of your children. It's like a tiny, trendy, extremely stylish magic wand that helps you be a funner and cooler mom. I'm thankful for that magic wand.

I'm so glad that I've been able to shake off my jealousy and judgment and that I had a chance to mingle with such a talented and inspiring mom. Here's to Small Fry Blog, a fun place to visit when you need a boost in the cool department.

Now go see it for yourself.


Jene and Megan said...

I love your honesty!! I'm the exact same way! :) Glad you have the balls...I mean guts...to say so!

Kory said...

That's a little too humble for me. Makes me feel petty for holding to the same feelings for them, although for different reasons. Good on ya for being able to do that. Maybe one day I'll get there.

Christina said...

I just peaked at their blog. I am in the depressed about my relatively ugly life phase. Next comes acceptance, then inspiration? I hope so.

Christina said...
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