i suck at blogging yadda, yadda, yadda

Get ready for a big friggin' update.

It's true that I am currently a terrible blogger. It is also true that the only reason I'm attempting to blog again is because one of my dear friends gave me a bit of a guilt trip. Oh you know who you are! I'm guessing since it worked you don't feel too guilty. :b

Lately I have been pregnant. My back really hurts and I've started going to the Chiropractor for the first time in my life. Not sure if I'm completely sold but it's covered by my insurance and Tylenol sure as heck ain't fixing anything. So....I keep going.

I am bummed that this pregnancy is harder than I was expecting it to be. I figured being in really great shape before getting pregnant would help me breeze through this. I was wrong. My "junk" hurts. By "junk" I DO mean my vagina. Sorry to get graphic on you but it plagues me almost daily. I feel like there's a bowling ball on my cervix and my business is getting hammered from the inside out. Totally awesome. And by that, you know I mean totally not awesome.

I am a bit more negative than I normally am (can you tell?) and that also bothers me. I've always kinda prided myself on being an optimist. Luckily, I live in what you could basically call heaven. It keeps me from delving into a full on Debbie Downer lifestyle.

Speaking of lifestyle, I win. I know people get all annoyed with me when I talk about Hawaii and they think I'm rubbing it in. If I didn't mention how awesome it is to be here or how much I loved it wouldn't people think I was ungrateful? You can't win. So I'll go ahead and talk about the awesomeness some more. Every day is pretty stinkin' magical. Michael and I were talking about the luxury of the beach. Other people on the mainland have outdoor activities or pastimes but they are never as consistent as the beach. The park gets rained out, the mountains take a day trip, bikes get flat tires and the mall leaves you broke. The beach is always playable (even when it rains in one spot, there's sun shining on another part of the island) the sand is always washable and it's absolutely free. Heaven.

I will go ahead and complain now about one thing. There is NO shopping here. Literally. Unless I want to spend an arm and a leg at a boutique store on a cheap maxi dress or fly somewhere to shop my only options are a very poorly stocked Macy's and online. Online shopping is fun for a while but eventually you crave the physical experience of trying stuff on and spending a day browsing sale racks. The other drawbacks of subsisting mainly on online shopping are shipping charges and the fact that I don't have that instantaneous getaway. One of my go-to getaways on the mainland was spending a couple hours at HomeGoods. You know, on those days you're gonna go stir crazy if you don't just get out of the house, away from the kids for a chunk of time on your own? Yes, those days don't exist. Instead of HomeGoods, I have beach walks. Still good but just, well, different.

The kids are thriving. Jack and Violet swim and play outside all the time. They watch Curious George a couple episodes at a time and have a massive play room full of toys, tv and games. Jack is surfing and boogie boarding on his own. He can do dives and flips in the pool and just got a bike for Christmas which he loves. He is still so tender with me and Violet and tells me multiple times a day that he loves me the most of anyone in the whole wide world.

Violet is a princess. She gets whatever she wants and sometimes I'm afraid of her power and dominance in our home. No one can resist her charms, not even Jack. She is swimming without floaties under serious supervision and always has a baby and a blankie with her wherever she goes. She sleeps in a big girl bed but sneaks out of her room multiple times a night and often doesn't go to bed till around 10. Sigh. She is smart. Not as smart as Jack but smart. She is way more artistic than he ever was and can color as well as he can. She is beautiful.

Michael is super social. On Sunday after church I have to drag HIM out of the building because he is Chatty Kathy! Who woulda thunk? He is surfing a ton, has a dream work schedule that is literally too good to advertise and takes care of me like a princess. On Saturday I invited over a dozen girls last minute for a girls night. He helped me clean up the house, went to buy all the food supplies and kept the kids upstairs and happy all night long. He never complained and told me he was glad I had fun and that I should do that more often. This was just the most recent chivalrous act of love. There have been plenty more like allowing me to sleep in EVERY day he doesn't work, sending me to Oahu to shop regularly, paying for parties, taking me to fancy restaurants almost weekly and even flying family members out for visits. He is seriously too good to be true. And the fact that he's hotter than ever with his surfer body and tan doesn't hurt either. ;)

I've had alot of people ask me what it's like to have money. Lemme lay it out for you up to this point. It's great. It's actually strange though. Since having money I feel less like spending it than ever before. I'm not sure if it's because of the limited shopping on the island thing or just because once you have it, you don't want to let it go? I don't feel much different in terms of being a changed person. I do feel more comfortable helping people out and picking up the tab. I also feel like buying something at JCrew isn't insane. But still, besides that, I'm just me. Maybe I'll become a total snob after a few years. Who knows? I'll let you know. Or maybe you can let me know. Money definitely makes things easier. It's nice to not have to argue over bills or debit card charges all the time. It's nice to have extra. It's nice to finally, after 8 years of medical school and residency and strife feel like we're gonna be okay. It was a long time coming. Don't get me wrong, we still have bills out the wazoo including giant medical school loan repayment! It's just easier to pay it now.

Maybe I've divulged too much or been too honest? But hey, that's just me. And I stopped trying to be someone else a long time ago. Hopefully you only rolled your eyes a few times and are still interested in reading what I have to say somewhere down the line. If not, :b on you.

If you have any other questions post them in the comments section and I'll answer them. If they are questions about visiting, don't be shy. We still haven't had our fill of visitors. :)


Heather B said...

I know for a fact that you will never be a snob. And you are right, your financial blessings were a long time coming, and you both sacrificed a lot to get there. I am happy that you have are loving paradise, and sorry that the shopping is lacking. I especially loved the part about the little and big things Michael is doing for you. And I loved the little details about the kids too. I'm glad some crazy friend talked you into blogging. :D

Lindsay Gunnell said...

Oh Kat I've missed you! I absolutely loved your update. I can relate to the pregnancy (if you need proof see my blog). I'm so glad you're thriving overall, though. Hawaii sounds absolutely divine right now, and I wish I could say that we were already planning a trip out there but no. Sad. Agreed that you're new found richness is long-deserved and because of that I think you'll always be grateful. It will surely be nice to have that on our end too someday. I'm glad I didn't have to be the one to guilt-trip you into sharing your life again! Love you!

Eevi said...

YAY for this post. It was honest and I loved it. Way to be brave enough to say what you want to say. Isn't it funny how we sometimes feel like we need apologize for our wealth, our fitness or whatever good things we have in our lives even though we have worked hard for them.

I do hope that we can visit you sometime. And sorry for your lady parts, I had some issues too and it was miserable! Cant wait to have that cute baby enter this world!When is the exact due date?

Melissa S. said...

I've loved reading the update. Michael is a rock star!!!! and your kids sound soooo sweet. I love random pics on Facebook.
I just used a groupon to print my blog and I have these 2 books that are priceless. It made me WISH that I status-updated less on Facebook and kept more up on my blog....just because it can be documented. So yes, you will be grateful to put in random updates here and there on the blog.
Request? More pics on here! :)

becca olsen said...

Kat! I'm so happy for you guys! We miss hawaii like crazy so someday I'll just have to take you up on the visitor thing! I love reading your blog and the way you write! I still think you should write in a magazine or something because you are great at it! Miss you lots!

Amy said...

yeah! Glad to hear things are FAB! You deserve it! And you guys worked hard for your paradise and happiness! Sorry the pregnancy is less than stellar, I hear ya! I loved being pregnant with Axel, and was like I totally ROCK at being pregnant! I didn't understand why people complain so much about being pregnant, cause I loved it. Then girl came along and BOY did she serve me a big slice of humble pie! And I hated every minute of it. Hang in there! Just try to remember the end goal of delivering that sweet baby and holding him/her in your arms!

Jana said...

Dude, I want another baby, but I'm not looking forward to being pregnant at all. My lady business gives me issues too, because my pelvic bone pops every time I would roll over. Ow. Hearing that it's rough even when in good shape isn't making me feel very hopeful.

If you need me to bring you anything you can't get on the island when we come, just say the word.

Lindy said...

Everyone still writes novels in your comments. I always feel so measly. I love that you are so honest. One of my pet peeves about some people is the fact that they never open up. You can know someone for years and really know nothing about them! Drives me batty! I love that you are so open and you are who you are! I love and miss you so much!!! I don't know if you'll ever be here again, and it makes me sad, but I am so glad that life is going so good for you! Pregnancy is tough and I'm sure the third time around is even harder! You're so strong and such a great example! I'm sorry about the lack of shopping resources! I can't imagine! Lucky for you, you have an awesome husband who flies you to Oahu! Love you love you love you!