i know you want pictures, i know...

but I just can't seem to bring myself to take pictures of this whole, big, silly, awesome house. So instead, I took a few of the things I love the most and the teeny tiny things that I do NOT like. There's always gotta be something and I'm sure you'll see why in a second when you start to scroll through.

Things I love:

In both our family room (seen here) and our kitchen leading out to the pool
we have these awesome glass doors that accordion open and create
the perfect indoor/outdoor living space.

(The kids are performing their daily build of a fort around the coffee table.)

This shower is just behind the kitchen and is possibly my most favorite thing.
It's an indoor/outdoor shower that leads to the pool and is
right across from the garage. If it ever fills up with sand I just
open the door and sweep it right out. Genius!

This is the view when you walk into our master bedroom.
Clean, I know. :) That big wood "fence" is actually the head board of our bed.
At first I thought it looked kind of oddly placed and intrusive but now
I find it a lot more private and I like being surrounded by all the windows when I'm in bed.

This is what it looks like beyond the head board.
I love the private lanai off the master.
There are actually 4 other rooms with
private lanais not as big as this one. It's neat.

This is the master shower. It's a double headed shower
that once again is very indoor/outdoor.
Sorry for the glare but I'm no photographer,
especially when pregnant and lazy.
Beyond those bamboo reeds is a permanent screen.
The wind is always coming through and
there's always a sense of being outside.

Things I do NOT love:

The two pedestal sinks in the master and the tacky bidet right in the middle.

The ceiling of the "Sunday room" as named by Jack.
Seriously, the faux sky makes me cringe.

The decor of the "Sunday room."
Maroon and gold and flourishy all over.
The furniture...bless it's tacky little heart.

No that is not a sheet over a table in the corner,
it's a table cloth over one of those
cheap tripod tables from like Anna's Linens.
Cause, you know? It's "fancy."
So sad.

So there you have it. A few pics of the house. There are many, many more things that I just love about this place. The double dishwasher, fridge, W/D is amazing! I also love the giant wooden dining table and all of the extra bedrooms. Plenty of toilets too and storage space which is schwing for when people come...if they ever do. :(

As for other things that I'm kinda like, meh, it's mostly just furnishings. I think overall the furniture is pretty unfortunate. But seriously, who cares? It's awesome to have places to sit and eat and sleep and not worry about having to have purchased all of it. Someday I'll finally get to furnish/design my own home. Who knows when? But someday.

Hope you liked the virtual tour. Now who's going to come and take an actual tour?! Seriously people, we are kind of shocked that no one has made any definite plans yet. Come visit wiki wiki!


BootyShakerZumbaLoverOlea said...

Kat! I love the house pics, it's beautiful! I definitely agree, feeling like you are outside all the time is the best feeling. I am very happy for you and your family. You are truly blessed.

p.s. do you know what you are having yet?

Rocio :)

Heather B said...

Amazingly awesome. :) Dreaming of the day I can see it in person.

Ash said...

Didn't Ghent tell you we are making definite plans to come visit next fall? :) When do you find out what you are having?

Sarah said...

Love it!! It is a dream house! Would love to come visit! One day! So happy for you guys.

Mel said...

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! I love seeing into other people's homes and you have such an awesome space to live in there! We would hop on a plane right now to visit you if we had the funds. Someday! Anyway, it was always when we lived in our teensy tinsy places in Hawaii that we had the most visitors, when we finally had space at Marco Polo no one came out. Sad! I hope you have lots and lots of visitors soon. And the Maroon/Gold Room...charming.

Lilianne said...

I agree with Mel. I would be there in a heartbeat if funds allowed right now. We'll come. I promise. I LOVE those accordian window panes. Man, that's beautiful.

Wait, what?!? You don't love the golden guild and fanciful decor of the yellow settees? Man, I totally dig those! They are my kind of style. :-)

Is Violet sleeping in a giant bed or still in a pack and play? I want a pic of the kitchen. And some more of your cute kids. And my cute bestie. K, thanks.

Also: Bidets. Let's have a chat. I think it's funny that the bidet is between the sink - as if you had just done your business, are you going to scoot/shuffle over somehow without dripping anything?? Hmmm. Too graphic? Sorry. All I'm sayin' is that whomever put that in that spot probably didn't understand what a bidet is used for - but thought it might be a fun little fountain. Am I right? or am I right? Alright, then.

Man, I miss you. hugs.

KaSs MiLeS said...

That is so fantastic!! Thanks for posting pics! I think you can fit our entire house inside your living room tho...

Margaret Vance said...

Kat! Your home is AMAZING! How are you doing? I love the fort building that is going on. Nia and Wes do the same thing DAILY except when they do, it takes up our whole apartment :). Now, I wanna see the baby-belly :)

Bridget said...

Beautiful! My favorite part is the pool shower area. What a good idea.

(That is the weirdest bidet placement EVER, though. It should be as close to the toilet as possible.)

Sierra Prina said...

Oh my flipping goodness!!!! How long will you be living there?! That is so amazing and sounds so big! So happy for you :) We really are saving up to take a trip to Hawaii but probs won't be until next summer. Wait, do you have your OWN pool?!