walk it off buddy, just walk it off

I'm good. Just thought I'd update you. No, I didn't successfully melt into the carpet. Or the couch, or the bed, or the kitchen floor. Okay that last one was a total exaggeration. My kitchen floor is waaaaay too nasty to even have a nervous breakdown on. So yeah, I'm okay now and I must say, all of your peppy pep talks were just the trick to pep me back up. Thanks for the love, prayers (oh I felt
'em!) and advice. You guys are just tops.


Prina Family said...

Yes!!! I am so excited:) I have checked the mail about 5 times in the past 2 days! haha. Your the best im glad your feeling better

LaDuke Family said...

Hey glad things are a little brighter. I was ready to come down there and steal your kids for day week whatever you needed. Still an option for ya though. Maybe you can hire a maid for a once a month or weekly clean just to give you a moment of sanity.