and the beat goes on

It's been a while now since I got the mono diagnosis and I have to say that I am feeling a bit buggy it hasn't completely left me alone. It is true though, that I haven't really left my body alone so maybe it's more my fault than I want to take credit for. In fact, I'm positive that is true I just don't like to admit it. The cycle goes like this:

Kat feels good-Kat teaches her own classes-Kat still feels good-Kat takes extra classes-Kat still feels okay and finds new music-Kat spends nap time simultaneously making bread and choreographing new songs-Kat feels not so good-Kat keeps going and even subs classes for other sick friends-Kat feels like total shiz and crashes-Kat cries and complains and asks, "why do I feel like total crap?!" all the while knowing the answer. Rinse annnnnnd REPEAT!

Self denial must be a talent and I must be the queen of this trade. I hate not feeling good, I hate knowing why I don't feel good and I hate that it's my own fault. I think I need to take a tip from Violet who takes a tip from me while yelling at her baby dolls to, "SIT DOWN!" But alas, I never was good at taking orders.

On that happy note, things are moving along swimmingly and by that I mean nothing new has happened. We haven't put our house on the market (to sell and lose $20,000 or not to sell and lose $20,000+ in the future?) found a moving company, found a new home in Hawaii or even chosen an exact date to leave. Um yeah, can you say totally on the ball? Ugh.

We did however rock the Pima County Fair two nights in a row and let me tell you, the 60 bucks we spent was worth every penny. Roller coaster rides, bumper car craziness, evening ferris wheel city scapes and one schwing basketball shot made that adventure one of the best Tucson has ever offered. If I had pictures, I'd upload them. Please still love me even though I don't.

Peace out.

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saraH said...

my husband wants to move to HI and you know what the only incentive i can think of right now for moving there? you. i miss you.

and stop this craziness and take a break!!! get a babysitter to take the kids out so that you can just chill at home and do NOTHING and nap. you need it. and that's an order. ;)