Does anyone else love fabric? Like, LOVE IT!!!???

I am a fabric slut and lately my whoredom has come to most definitely include upholstery fabrics.

Maybe it's because I have big, BIG plans for my future home someday.

Maybe it's because I get House Beautiful, Country Living and Real Simple in the mail often.

Or maybe it's because I successfully (depending on your definition of success) re-upholstered two arm chairs all by myself.

Whatever the reason may be, I am even more of a sucker for cheap upholstery fabrics, baby.

Jell yeah!!!

So here it is. My fav new website.

And if you're too lazy to click on my very convenient link here are a few that have caught my eye.

Speaking of fabric/re-upholstering/neat-o-ness, check this out.

Thanks to design sponge, I now have a new blog to add to my daily check.


Lilianne said...

I'm with you. Total. Fabric. SLUT! I just want to buy and buy and buy that stuff. I love your selections, especially the chevron pattern with grey and yellow. And the stripe with yellow...hmmm...are we friends or something??

And the reupholstered chair with cute heart fabric? Yes, please.

Ash said...

I LOVE chevron patterns right now!! What chairs did you reupholster? I might need to see pictures of those.

Cason and Marie said...

I am obsessed too!! If only I had the room and the money right?! Lets see that chair!!

Love all those magazines...another to add to the list Style at Home. amazing!

Logan said...

mmmm... yellow stripes with gray polka dots? YES PLEASE!

LeRae said...

ohhhhhhh~ Pretty!

Vanilla Day

Wendi and Eric said...

I ‘m secretly a fabric slut. Although, I don’t buy much, I will look for hours, days , and years for the perfect fabric for a just a pillow, or curtains ect…I think this is my first confession.

Wendi and Eric said...

and so also, excited to see your latest!