flyin' high

Most days I feel like this.

In fact yesterday was one of those days, as this photo
was taken yesterday. But some days I feel more like this.

I'm not pregnant, I just look awful and pained and uncomfortable in this photo and lately, I have been feeling like this more than I'd like. I'm not depressed and I'm not particularly stressed. As you can see from my last past below I have a lot to look forward to. But somehow, I keep getting just....well...ugh all the time.

I like to call it a funk. Sometimes that can be a good word. No wait, funk, nope, not good, not even if you're getting funky. Ew. Never say that unless you want to be 77 years old and still wearing a halter top. You know, cause that's the kinda person that hollers, "I'm gettin' funky!"

Anyway, my funk is most def a bad funk. Like when you switch face lotions and you go through a month of high school breakoutage and you never feel pretty that entire 28-31 days respectively. Funk. Ew. Boo.


Lindsay Gunnell said...

Oh man funk, I feel you. I am soooo in a funk right now too. Just that time where you're squeezed between decisions you don't want to make and the horrible waiting game, all the while knowing you should be enjoying where you're at RIGHT NOW. Where you feel disconected and disoriented and like you say, down but not depressed. Anyways, just wanted to sympathize.

And to also say that the class yesterday was just what I needed to keep me happy enough to not need a Prozac! Love you Kat!

Heather B said...

Sorry about the funk- funks suck! The flying high picture is quite incredible though, I must say.