and giraffes say...

A few weeks ago we took a trip to the zoo with our beloved Auntie Josie. Luckily she had the sense to bring her fancy pants camera.

Josie caught me chowing down on goldfish.

I was really happy about that. Can't you tell by my totally non-sassy pose and full cheeks? She's just getting me back for the "prom" photos a few posts back.

Jack wanted a green elephant. I think he meant he wanted to be painted to look like an elephant but that's okay. This Dr Seuss inspired creature was good enough for him.

Here we have the giant prehistoric, beet eating turtle.

And this look tells you how Jack felt about the turtle. :[

For those of you who can't tell us apart, this is Josie. I love this picture because it shows how much she loves my kids.

Josie again.

The elephants and giraffes were the best for Violet. She talked the most excited jibberish the whole time.

After staring at the giraffes for what seemed like forever, we decided to move on. Violet stayed behind mesmerized until she saw we had left. Boy was she mad!

This picture is for my mom. The giraffes are her favorite. What do giraffes say anyway?

The otter pool smells but they sure are entertaining swimming around.

Look at that smile! All it takes is a Momma lion roar. :)

The fishy face, the rhino horn, and the tiger scowl, he's an animal!

Our zoo is fun because it's small and quick. I love having an annual pass because we can go 45 minutes before it closes and not worry about seeing everything.

Hey guys, I love my kids. Just in case you were wondering.


Lindsay said...

FANTASTIC PHOTOS!!! Love this post! and your poses are so FIERCE :). Looks like so much fun!

Heather B said...

You look great Kat! I love Violets hair that's growing in. Still need to meet your sis someday!

Salime said...

hey kat,

did they feed the giraffes? little jimmy likes doing that. by the way, he started preschool (check out my blog for pics haha) so i will be coming your way tuesdays and thursdays.

Jeanette said...

The Tucson Zoo annual pass makes sense, you can pretty much enjoy it year round! I considered buying one out here but since there are so many cold and snowy months, I decided against the purchase. So our poor kids have to go to Petsmart and other stores to see animals. Birds, hamsters, fish and snakes don't stack up to giraffes and elephants!

Carmen said...

I can't believe how blonde Violet's hair has gotten, she is looking beautiful! I too am an avid zoo lover, my kids ask to go at least once a week, since it's only 20miles I happily oblige. btw you are lookin smokin hot!

Amanda said...

Giraffes say "Looong neck!" according to my kids. Or they make munching noises like their eating leaves. :)