anecdotes during the drought

Maybe it's the summer heat or all of the summer activities keeping us busy, but lately the blogging drought has begun to worsen.

Aren't they just hilarious?!

I feel like sprinkling a few anecdotes right here on my own little bloggity to help with the lack. And just for the record, I'm not sure if anecdotes is the right word for what I'm about to do but it's a fun word so I'll stick with it.

Thank you to everyone for taking my poll. I was surprised at how many people participated! I was also quite surprised at the results. Seems pretty even across the board and that makes me feel better. For me there are bikini appropriate functions and one piece appropriate functions. I can't quite bite the bullet and give up the bikini since I just look so darn good right now. Yes, you read that right. I look awesome. For me. Awesome. And I worked hard to get there so anyone rolling your eyes with disgust at my assumed conceit can kiss my freakin' you know what! I also look good in a one piece too. It's all good. Let's just leave it there.

Jack is my favorite boy in the world. He has been OBSESSED with baby boys lately. One day on the drive to church he told me I needed to start growing his baby brother in my belly. The other morning he had his blankie balled up and told me it was a baby boy that he was taking care of. I am refusing to take his sudden interest as a sign that it's "time". You can call me selfish but I know what I can and can't handle and right now, Numero 3 would break me. Jack has also been sharing with Violet like a champ and in turn she is getting less rascally about stealing his toys. The big news is that he can stand up OR sit down to pee (so talented right?!) and he loves to "push the turd right out." His words not mine.

I love the lean to the side. Gotta get the angle just right.

Violet is much better. Turns out her fever was followed by a rash and it truly was Roseola. I wish I would have remembered Sarah's post a few weeks back because then I wouldn't have worried so much. Dugh! I'm just glad she's back to her sneaky, squeaky self. Oh, get this! She learned the sign for please in t-minus 2 minutes the other day. Now she is rubbing her chest like crazy and "pleasing" for everything. Smarty pants!

This is how we do in our house. Mom reaches out and tries to squeeze everyone in the shot.

My little sister Josie is going to be staying with us through the fall. I am thrilled beyond words to have her and not just because she can babysit often. She is my best friend and I am one of those people who rarely needs large amounts of alone time. When I asked Michael if she could stay with us for such an extended period of time he didn't hesitate to say yes. He told me, "she makes you happy, of course she can stay. " What a man. What a man.

Right now our car is in the shop. I was in the gym parking lot the other day and an old man circa 1923 backed into my car. He was so kind about the whole thing. He pulled out his insurance information without hesitation, apologized and shook my hand. By the time I got home from the gym, his insurance agent had contacted me. It has been the smoothest process ever. I was so grateful to this man that I wrote him a letter. Cheesy I know. I just could not let someone with such integrity go un-thanked. Today the letter came back. I feel sad that he didn't receive my tiny bit of gratitude. I'm gonna try again because kindness like his is few and far between these days.

I am tired. So tired. Not pregnant but so tired. Life is so good and so full and it is exhausting. I am grateful for these days that pass where every moment seems simple and mundane. I am also grateful for the summer. Yes, it's hot. Yes, it's really hot because I live in the desert. But I love the long sunshine that lasts through the evening. The loud thunder from the monsoon storms. The frequent trips to the pool that are turning Jack's blonde locks green and the lull in the air that the heat can bring. Yeah. I like.

Here are a few pics from our trip to Tennessee in June was it? First week of June? Oh yeah. That's right. FOREVER AGO!

If any of the Clark's read my blog they will appreciate the "rooster tail" in this photo. I love his concentrating face. :)
Well hot dang Dr. Clark!
I was actually the first person to take Jack wake boarding but we didn't have the camera on the boat at the time. Just wanted to put that out there. Haha! Look at the micro air they got!
It really was a happy time even though their faces may say otherwise.


saraH said...

kat I took the poll and I totally agree with you saying there's bikini appropriate functions vs. one-piece. i wear bikinis when I go to the beach with just my family so i can get my stomach tan, i wear one piece, tankinis when i go somewhere where i know there will be my guyfriends there, etc. and yes you do look dang hot girl!

Amy said...

What fun pictures!

The peeing one is my FAV!

Jack should come play with Axel, because he is OBSESSED with older boys. They would get a long great I think.

Built Ford Tough said...

Hey! You can stock my blog any time :) Your kids are so darling. Where are you living now? And yes my house is in Utah, Sleepy Ridge Golf Course.

jenna said...

i want a picture of you in a bikini. NOW. just to feel worse about myself please!

The Sandy Bottom Crew said...

Hey, i noticed that every picture you are wearing work out clothes, and they are soooo cute! Where do you get them?!