funny business

Here is a link to my brother in law's blog. It is full of funny Mormon cartoons that he writes and illustrates. You should check it out when your bored if you want a good, clean giggle.

I have some good stuff to post about from our trip to Tennessee. That will come later in the week if I am still alive.

p.s. My bowls came. Not even Michael can deny their cuteness or get angry. They're that adorable! I guess it helps that they are the perfect size for his nightly bowl of cereal. Hooray!


Amy said...

haha I missed church this week, but I felt right at home with that. Thanks for the laugh!

Porter and Karla said...

um okay so i have been M.I.A. when it comes to blogs lately. I just read you last like 10 posts. saw that you needed some love a while back and was sad that I missed the opportunity to share how fabulous i know you are. im so glad to see you have your cup o' happiness filling up from the more recent posts i read. just so you know im the type of person you could come by and hang out for a while whenever if needed, or smash a plate over here if that helps too:) whatever works. i know you are not from tucson originally and i know everyone who knows you loves you but i know how it is to not be home when things are not all peachy. so just come over next time, or drop off you kids if u ever need. i so would have taken them for you to go to the temple just so you know. your awesomeness pours out every lesson you give in rs. i love your testimony and it strenthens mine. your gym classes you can just tell everyone there goes to take part in your energy and light! well sorry i missed it when you needed it but better late then never right? okay now this comment is just creepy long. sorry!

Lindsay Gunnell said...

I need to read about your trip!