I've got nothing to say

Sometimes it's better when you don't have anything to say, to just say nothing. True there are daily happenings that make me laugh or want to spit but I can't justify a great big post. My heart just ain't in it right now so sit tight until I find the fire. Sorry peeps. Thanks for wanting something from me though, it always does feel good to be wanted.


Sarah and Desmond said...

After a long day. . . even with all of the events that happen continually throughout the day and when my husband says. . . "What did you do today?"

My reply always seems to be nothing. Something is definitely better then nothing.

Porter and Karla said...

Hey I found you! um we are all still sick, so much for meeting up this week or helping out with whatever you needed, sorry bout that. next time though let me know for sure:) our blog is www.porterandkarla.blogspot.com incase you are ya know bored and want something to pass the time, as if two little kids aren't keeping you busy.