hittin' the pipe

How cool is it that Michael's brother put a half pipe in his back yard? This cool.

Uncle Tony

The one and only Jon McDonald.

My redneck husband.

Why is he the only one who wouldn't get dressed? Really Babe? Not even a shirt? I guess he figures his mustache will keep him warm enough.

Uncle Allen in plaid. He likes to take the latest trend to the extreme.

Little leggy Leah.

The always poised ML.

Please be careful Dad.

Chad. Saweeeet.

The Peanut Gallery.


I took these. Isn't he the coolest?

Forty one and still grindin'. Nice Jeff.

And how could we leave out Ezra? Yeah. He just turned three. This kid can rip!


Jeanette said...

Wow! I can't believe they are all doing that. Why didn't you get up there?! Ha ha. I used to work at Applebee's when I was like 17 and this one guy would skate to work everyday. I decided I was going to try to do it in the parking lot one night after closing. As soon as I got on the darn thing I fell and cut up my knee. Real smooth.

Amy said...

thats so fun, and it brings back so many memories!

Kim said...

I love this. My husband wants a half-pipe in our backyard sooo bad.

The Sandy Bottom Crew said...

Nice! My husband wants a half pipe in our backyard and i am thinking yes, because we have weeds as tall as the house! And my husband is the same way with the "no shirt" thing. What is up with that?

Lindsay said...

Love this post! YOu are awesome at pictures!