cool down

Last night I was pissed. So pissed in fact that I had to take TWO Tylenol PMs just to fall asleep. I want to tell you why.

Obama's proposed universal health care plan.

AHHHH! I just want to scream when I see that written down! Ok. Calm. Calm. Serenity now.

I have one hundred million billion arguments as to why this plan is the absolute wrong thing to do. The problem is that I have no voice. I have no platform and for me to blog about it would do the opposite of what I would honestly want. It would a) turn my readers away because I would be too angry and opinionated and b) turn my readers away so that no one reads my blog and I really do end up with absolutely no platform whatsoever.

I just want people to educate themselves. I want them to say, "everyone should have health care coverage but how should they be getting it and who should be responsible for providing it and why?" I want people to find out what it will cost them and their children and their grandchildren. I want people to know what will happen to quality of care and to understand why people will stop wanting to go to medical school here in the United States. I want people to realize that the crowded doctors offices they go to now will only continue to become more crowded. I want people to stop saying that something needs to be done and acting like this is the best possible solution.

I AGREE that something needs to be done! I DISAGREE that it needs to be done this quickly and with what appears to be a blatant disregard for the obvious negative consequences.

I have decided that my voice isn't being heard and it really, really, REALLY pisses me off! That is why, in the next few days, I will begin posting videos on YouTube about how I feel and what I see to be wrong with the proposed health care plan. I will blog the links and you can watch them if you so choose. I just know that I can't sit down and watch this happen without giving my opinion. If you know me at all you should not be surprised.

BTW, what do you think about it? Do you have any questions? I would be happy to answer/argue with anyone. Chime in. I would love it. Really, I would.


Melissa said...

Yea, it's kind of frustrating thinking how no one cares about our future (our husband's career) and the healthcare for everyone in the whole US! Yep, totally agree.

Our EyreLife said...

First of all, getting yourself all riled up over it isn't very healthy for you. You don't want to have to use those crappy health care plans already just because you hate them. :)

Secondly, I agree. I think Obama is making too many fast decisions without really observing our nation's needs. And he's doing it without the nation's opinion (so it seems) and so those of us who are IN the real world can't have a say (hence your anger).

However, I DO think that even though there has been a proposal of "his" health care plans, I think it will take a while to put it in place and I think people will advise him away from it in the end. It really doesn't make sense and there are too many things that will corrupt the system too quickly for it to really work.

Don't worry to much over it just yet, my dear. Get some rest and give your energy to your DARLING kids for now. They need it more than Obama does, you know?

Love ya

Jana said...

I agree... He is going to take away what makes America America, and that's sad.

jenna said...

i have no idea what you are talking about, but whatever you think. i think.