Out of boredom

It is Saturday night and I am sitting at home bored while my son sleeps and my hottie hubby is at the gym getting ripped. I have been randomly blog browsing for at least an hour now knowing good and well that I am wasting my time. Still, I can't stop and do anything else for some reason. I did take a quick glance at the tv screen (which is muted and stationed on who knows what channel) and saw Tim Gunn. He was doing a Tide commercial and next to his name they described him as a "fashion icon."

This title got my gears spinning. If I were considered an icon of something what would it be? If you were considered an icon of something what would you be? The best ones I came up with for myself were these:

Foot-in-mouth icon
Unfashionable icon
Pregnant icon
Pushover icon
TV-watching icon
Lazy icon
Poor and jealous icon
Guilt icon
Constantly chipped nail polish icon
Used to be cool icon
To-do-list icon

All of these make sense to me but I think the first one fits me best. It has been even harder to keep my foot in my mouth in Tucson because your feet get really dirty here. It's all that dang dusty dirt all over. Freakin' desert! So I have been avoiding the dirt by letting my mouth run and saying all sorts of inappropriate things. We won't go into details because sometimes it gets too nitty gritty but lets just say the over share meter is about to reach its max psi. Whatever the heck that means! Sigh. What a boring post.


Heather B said...

Boring, not THAT boring. I thought it was funny.

Carmen said...

I think foot in mouth icon sounds like a disease of sorts! lol! either way, pregnant people are entitled to a few flubs. we just blame it on hormones. I can't believe you are under the 2 week mark now! Get all those foot in mouths out now because you won't have that excuse very soon :) I'm so excited for you guys!

Amy said...

Your funny, I would definitely be a pushover icon hands down. Even if someone makes me so furious and hurts me terribly, I still forgive them and let them walk all over me. BAH! It is very frustrating to me. I wish I could be more aggressive and tell people what I am really thinking that treat me like gum on your shoe.

KaSs MiLeS said...

i match all of those icons, except the chipped nail polish, i never paint my nails. :0)

Jeanette said...

You need to have this baby already, being pregnant is rotting your brain!

Natchel said...

Oh Kat I think we are soul mates. :) I run into the foot in mouth predicament almost on a daily basis. My mouth is run by the Energizer bunny... freakin thing won't stop! And I have to disagree on the unfashionable icon! I think you are such a sassy dresser! I wish I had more clothes that were NOT from my 8th grade! True story.

Lilianne said...

Um. None of the above.

Silly girl.

You're awesome icon.

Melissa said...

Don't blame it on Tucson blame it on pregnancy.....it's easier! :) YOu're almost there!!!!!

Bailey bits and pieces said...

Next time you blog browse check out "Bakerella"...I am obsessed with checking out her blog. I think I might have a crush...I want to be her!!!!

BestHoverboard Brands said...

If you're really feeling bored its time to check out a hoverboard! :D