A dumpload of photos

I know dumping a ton of photos into one post like this typically doesn't solicit alot of comments because it is so overwhelming but that's ok today. I already got alot of great, cheer me up comments with my last little complaining post. Plus, I worked out and then took Jack for pizza and ice cream and now I feel much better. So here they are in no particular order for your viewing pleasure.

The infamous ice cream cone. How cute is that messy face? Totally worth the clean up! :)

We all scream for ice cream.

Daddy tying up his shoes on Easter.

First time in floaties and loving it!

Swimming all by himself and not doing half bad for a kid who's not even 2!

He always counts to ten, skipping the number 7 and then says, "GO!" and jumps. Priceless.

Here is my birthday loot. Yes, that is two types of generic, discounted fiber supplement. Michael is so funny! And while it is mostly food, it was all a big pregnant chick could ask for. Plus some very valuable home made coupons. :)

Here we are sampling the cake. DEEEE-licious!

Jack super stoked on his "booja" or skateboard for all of you who don't speak Jackanese.

Birthday belly shot. Nice jammies eh?

Look at that hair! Love. Pure love. No wonder his baby sitter calls him baby Einstein!

What the? Sleepy on the skateboard. Crazy baby.

Daddy being wreckless with our precious son.

Peek-a-boo. Doesn't my hair look so much better? I needed a haircut soooo bad.

Da buddah belly.

Easter bowtie. One dollar. Sweet.

Daddy won the battle of the best Easter basket treat. Bubble tape. Awesome!

Face full of bubble tape. What a doll! I'm in love.


Margie Vance said...

I DO love your jammies! Scrubs are sooooo comfy!

Margie Vance said...

p.s. what you talkin' 'bout???? You are only belly and you look so dang cute prego... I'm jealous :)

Bailey bits and pieces said...

I love pic # 2 where he is obviouly cheering for the ice cream! yum!!

Eevi said...

I love the belly pictures:) I'm crossing my fingers that the little girl will make her appearance soon:)

Sarah said...

Loved all the pics!!! What a cute belly, you look great. YOu are so close now!!! Jealous!!!

KaSs MiLeS said...

you have the cutest pregnant belly! mine was beyond yucky. you look so cute pregnant!
good to see lots of pics!

saraH said...

what do u mean you don't look good pregnant, you look so good! and the most adorable little belly!

kristi said...

OK so i miss being prego with you :( Anyway u managed it you are even cuter than last time. I did not think it possible!! Go lay by the pool in a two piece and flaunt you cuteness!!!

Diana said...

Kat, you are so beautiful! I love the belly pics...you have a very tan pregnant belly by the way...i guess that's what happened when you live in Arizona. I swear you guys are living in the same place my sister-in-law was living.Anyway, I am so excited for you to have your baby! Good luck!

Carmen said...

I love pictures posts! First of all there is nothing better than watching your childeat an ice cream cone. They seem to experience such pure joy which is priceless...I think I need to find a DQ nearby! Next...LOVE the belly shots...hate you for having no stretch marks...lol! you really do look great. And lastly, I am dying over the bowtie, it is just too freakin' cute for words!

Kory said...

Your last post made me really tired. I'm glad your kid skates. Everyone just longboards these days.

Jana said...

your belly is so cute and perfectly round! (i cant capitalize because i'm typing with one hand).

i have those same green jammies in a tiny size for mose... cute!

Jeanette said...

Haha Lucy made a huge mess a couple times in her seat with an ice cream cone, that's why I was cleaning it the other day when I told you I'm not sure I put it back together right. For her sake, I hope I did!

And thanks for finally posting pictures, you are so cute pregnant and super lucky to not have any stretch marks, go you!! Its almost annoying actually.... haha no really pregnancy is good to you!

Camille said...

Easter tie for a dollar? I've got to know where you shop. Dollar Tree, right? And even though this is a copycat of every other comment, I'm so glad to took belly pics!

Kayla R. said...

i LOVE your prego BELLY!!You look so GOOD! Darling pics Kat! You have a beautiful family:) hey guess what I am getting Group certified tomorrow for Step, power pump and cycling!!! SO EXCITED!!

Fullmer Family said...

you look absolutely beautiful when you are pregnant! And no stretch marks...you lucky dog you. When are you having that baby girl?! I can't wait to see what she looks like...:)

Our EyreLife said...

Your belly is gorgeous and if you aren't already having your baby TODAY, then just know it will be here SO SOON.

You already know that. But the one thing my mother kept saying over and over to me with Wyatt's pregnancy was, "It WILL end. It ALWAYS does."

Can't wait to see your little one. Good luck! Big hugs!

Heather B said...

Wow, ditto to what everyone else said, you DO look fabulous and non-huge and beautiful and your round belly is fab! Stretch mark free again! WOOHOO! Are those Lofthouse cookies I'm seeing in one pic?? AUGHHH, my favorite pregnancy and nursing indulgence. Love that little Jack and his Einstein hair.

Miguelybeli said...

Hey Kat your are so dang cute!! I can't wait until I see your little girl. Jack is so big and his hair reminds me of my Gabriel. Sadly we will cut his hair soon. Check out my blog. Its ok. I try to update it as much as I can. miguelybeli@blogspot.com