Ever since I decided to ask if people wanted Christmas cards I have been looking for cheap cards everywhere. I found them! The dollar store! When I say cheap, I mean CHEAP! So all of you who asked for one, beware, they are flimsy and...cheap. But give me a break I have like over 60 to send out! That's what happens when you combine a jolly blog post with extra large Mormon families! Just enjoy the cheapness and know that it doesn't mean I don't love you. :)


Lilianne said...

Party City has them for really cheap too! They are like $1.79 for 20 cards - and they are nice! So, if you run out of your dollar store ones (Hello, I LOVE Dollar Tree...I always say it's the "classiest" of all the dollar stores!) you could try that place out! It was great running into you at the mall!

Carmen said...

I have your X-mas card sitting on my table all ready to send out...problem: the last address I have for you cross country travellers was in Johnson City. Therefore, I need some updating. Would you mind sending your current address to: carmencobabe@hotmail.com

Melissa said...

Now you know why I don't SEND cards.....just print something off. We've got that many and a few more to send out too. The more you move, the more and more you'll have to send out!

McGuire's said...

Hey Katherine! This is Emily Myers McGuire, i found your blog from Lindy's. You have such a cute little boy and I read that you're having a girl! So fun! I was laughing about your comment about becoming poor because of her, and i have to tell you it's so true. We've got 2 girls and Target is so dangerous for me. I try to avoid the clothes section, but i always end up over there. Old navy is pretty bad too. It's sooo fun though! Glad to see you are doing well! Our blog is www.garrettandemilymcguire.blogspot.com

Camille said...

I think I forgot to send you our address--we would love a card!

2101 E. Vera Cruz Vista
Tucson, AZ 85713

I want to get a family pic taken this week, so if it happens we'll send a card to you!