I have been seriously procrastinating writing this post for a while now and I will tell you why. Basically there has been so much going on that I don't know what to say exactly. I could probably write and write in detail for days but since that would be possibly the most boring thing in the world I will keep it short. Or as short as you know I possibly can. :)

The reunion with my family was a blast, I mean blast in 3 different ways.
1. My butt has blasted out into the open space and is about to receive its own orbiting moon. Thanks to Mamma Gaye for all of the delicious treats that caused the eruption.
2. After a few explosive family "love" sessions, we all worked through our differences and decided to just chill out.
3. The time at my parents house blasted by too quickly and I was apartment shopping in smelly Tucson before I could blink.

The apartment hunt was a success and by success I mean it was:
1. Nearly successful in rendering me a divorced single mother (ok exaggeration but we fought like Kats and Dogs!)
2. A total success because we are finally moved in to a nice, expensive, spacious condo only 3.5 miles from the hospital.
3. And my favorite list worthy success. The apartment is so large that we ended up needing new furniture to fill it. Let's just say platinum visa card + ikea = husband with a stomach ache from the bill and back ache from the heavy lifting.

There are a few memorable moments that we have experienced since being here.
1. There wasn't enough room in our truck to fit the rocking chair so we left it for three days just chillin' outside the Holiday Inn Express.
2. We left aforementioned platinum visa credit card at aforementioned ikea and now have to make another trip to pick it up much to Michael's frustration and my elation!!!
3. Aunt Flo was late this month. Two weeks late to be exact! And as I gradually became more and more sure I was pregnant she finally graced us with her presence! What a relief/disappointment.

Other than all of this I don't have much else to say. If any of you personally want all of the gory details of the last 3 or so weeks then let me know and I will email you a novel. Otherwise just be glad I kept it as short as it is. Now I can get back to good ole blogging as it should be. Hooray! Maybe tomorrow I'll post Daddy and Chunky on the slip-n-slide. It was a blast!


Heather B said...

Oh that Aunt Flo is such a stinker! Tricking us like that!

I didn't know about the rocking chair, that is so awesome, and I LOVE that no one stole it!

I hope I can come visit and see this wonderful apartment!

KaSs said...

ugh! sounds like a nightmare. i hate moving! Although my favorite place to blow all our savings is ikea! We do that way too often! Its so easy to spend a fortune, but you get so much for it! Congrats on the new furniture! :0) Good luck in Arizona, at least you're a little closer to family...

Logan said...

I love the "relief/disappointment" comment. Isn't that just exactly how you feel when you're late? I hate it! I've had a few close calls, and every time I can't decide if I'm relieved or disappointed. I'm glad you're tucked safe and sound in Tucson. Let's see some pictures of the new digs!

Amy said...

Be wary of the coffee tables there. While they are insanely cheap, the quality is poor. Ours has already broke not once but twice, and they SCRATCH like you wouldn't believe! Moving blows for sure I think everyone fights during moving, just breathe its all over. :)

Kory said...

At first I thought item 1 on the reunion blast was the same kind of blast I get when I have sugar or dairy. Be glad it's not the same. Be very glad.

{lindy baker cakes} said...

Loved this post Kat. I laughed out loud on the rocking chair incident. I think that's so funny!!! I miss you!!!