the tiniest turd of all

My little Violet is about the cutest thing on the planet right now. I call her the tiniest turd because lately that is my most favorite word ever and I consider all of us Clarks to be a bit of a turd now and then.

Call me a bad mom if you want but I have waaaaay too many pictures of Violet lately and not even half as many of Jack. He is cute too but the age she is at just kills me. It's like a giant deadly dose of cuteness where every moment and every face and every attempted word is so adorable that your heart almost stops. I love it.

If you ever read the sidebar to the left you know that I have recently come to rely very heavily on ketchup. It's like Mary Poppins magic medicine that tastes delicious and makes all other foods delicious as well. I can't even begin to tell you how much better I feel about replacing the almost daily diet of mac n' cheese with a new one; chicken, green beans and ketchup. Hurrah! Hooray! Hi ho! I win! Just send me my 'semi-healthy eater mommy merit badge' thank you very much!

Did you know that it costs .99 for one latex balloon at every grocery store in town? Isn't that a little steep? I think it's totally bananas but I still give in a lot and buy her balloons anyhow. On this particular day she woke up about an hour before Jack from her nap and spent that hour running around the house, tangled in balloons and giggling as they bobbed behind her. It was a magical day. If only I had the camera skills to translate the wonderfulness. Meh. Maybe next time. :)


Heather B said...

Awwww...so cute! Miss that tiny turd! Good work on the meal replacement, I'm gonna try that. I am so tired of making easy mac- not the easiness...but the guilt of zero nutrition.

Amy said...

It seems she and Axel would get along great, you know with their obsession with balloons and all!

Too bad you don't have a Macey's, or Roberts near you where they GIVE you FREE balloons everytime you shop. Axel can't go shopping with out it, when we approach the check out its Ball Ball Ball, until the clerk finally listens to my kid and gives him one. One time even we were in line and I forgot something so I got out of line and he started crying and crying until I headed that way again.

Logan said...

oh my goodness, that picture of her face pressed up against the plate is priceless! haha so cute!