tucson weekly

This week we....

Finally finished re-upholstering the two tub chairs that I started a year ago. As well as finishing the magazine rack.

Both chairs in all their glory. Don't look too close unless you want to see all the mistakes I'm too lazy to fix. :)

Also finished re-upholstering the vintage dining room chairs I scored for 10 bucks a piece.

The plates on the wall and the tablecloth both belonged to my Gramma. My mom actually remembers eating off of that tablecloth as a child. Neat hugh?

Violet stuffed her face with banana after banana.

Josie and I did a prom dress photo shoot. Note her enthusiasm. I think it's cause she had to go stagg.

Her imaginary date.

My very real, half naked date.

Recreating a pose from the original prom night.

Violet looking rad in Jack's helmet.

And enjoying her first plate of spaghetti. Possibly her last. So messy. Not fun. But obviously she loved it.

Forcing a kiss on a three year old. Isn't that frowned on? At least he thought it was funny.

Just plain cute.
It was a good week in the desert folks.


Margie Vance said...

I love your reupholstered chairs! You did quite an awesome job.

The Sims said...

Kat! I heart your chairs! How did you learn to do it?? I need your secret. Your kids are adorable and so are you, and ok.. I admit it. I enlarged the picture of you and your husband and hes adorable too. Ha.. Hope you are doing well. Word.

Aubrey said...

I can't wait for Jack's wedding on Wednesday! Haha

Carmen said...

ok so two things. 1) ahhmazing upholstering, i mean seriously, how the crap do you sew on the piping around the edges?! that looks far trickier than I could pull off. and 2)I wore the EXACT same prom dress to my senior prom! what the freak, is that really the dress you wore because that is the weirdest coincidence ever. I feel like I need to go and bust mine out for a photo shoot just so you can see. haha

Lindsay said...

LOVE THE CHAIRS!!!!!!!! Such cute pictures Kat!!! You are smokin :)

Melissa S. said...

Those chairs are AMAZING!!!! Holy cow, I'm super super super impressed. I re-covered a rocking chair once and it took FOREVER!!!! I can't imagine something with cushion EVERYWHERE!!!!
I also love the magazine rack too. Too cute. Violet is looking so much older, still the same amount of hair as Iris but w/ eyes just as beautiful as ever!!!!!!!

Dani said...

Those chairs are adorable! Very cute. Violet has the biggest brownest eyes. They are beautiful.

Salime said...

you are just showing off yours and your husband's body. after seeing the prom pic, jimmy and I don't want to eat every again haha.

Amy said...

What a fun post!

I love your chairs! So so fabulous!

Kory and I scored a table cloth from his grandma as well, but I haven't found its place yet.

Really violet has never had spaghetti? Axel loves pasta, so easy for him to eat, and he gets a bath after every meal because I like him to explore with his food. I want him to stay the happy eater he is.

Plus the ONE good thing about having dogs and babies is the make sure NO crumbs are left behind.

PS you fit in your prom dress! THAT deserves a huge pat on the back!

Lindsay Gunnell said...

Ahhh! I'm in love with all of it (I mean, I love my own husband, but no one has to tell you that yours is smokin' too!). I especially love your vintage take on everything. We really need to shop together because I need interior decorating advice. Have you ever seen my apartment even? We need to remedy that and have a girls' night with Lili. Let me know!

Amy said...

So is the picture of the "person" kissing Jack, is it you or Josie?

I think its you, Kory thinks its Josie?

Sarah said...

Quite the interior decorator aren't you? You look great in that dress by the way!! Whoo Whoo

jenna said...

is your body that amazing? and does your husband really look like a ken doll? yes the answer is yes.

aaaand LOVE THOSE chairs.....and when did jack get so big? he's like ten now.