my boy on his third birthday

Since we aren't having an official birthday party until we get to Tennessee this weekend we didn't do much on the actual day. I did take him to Target for some new cars. He chose three for his third. I felt sad that all I could do was sing Happy Birthday over and over so I made him some cupcakes. He chose green and pink frosting and I don't blame him. They sure were pretty.

It's funny that I even went to the trouble to make the actual cupcakes because all he ever did was eat the frosting. I guess that is a genetic thing because I could care less about the cake too. :)

Wouldn't you be excited if this is what you woke up to? I know right?
He was stoked.
Here is the deliriously happy face.
And here is about cupcake number three before moving on to cupcake number four. Once the cake started to show through the frosting he was done.

"Smile for the camera," and I get this.
Oh I could eat him right up even if he weren't covered in frosting.
Here is Miss. She likes cupcakes too.

Cupcakes immediately after nap time should be a requirement. She still has sleepy eyes and everything.

Gasp. Seriously. Gasp.
The best part of the whole day was how Jack would sing himself Happy Birthday periodically. I know he was a little let down with the mellowness of the day. Especially with how big of a deal we made on Violet's birthday and having Michael on call all day. Hopefully his party on Sunday will be rockin' and he'll feel as special as he deserves to. I love him so. He loves me too. It's a good relationship.


Heather B said...

Cutest pics ever! That last one of Violet is to die for. I hope jack has a great birthday in TN. I LOVE him with his haircut! When did that happen? No big post about it? Seriously, it looks so cute.

Jene and Megan said...

Those really are darling pics of your kiddos! Oh and now I want cupcakes and it's no even 7am yet. Thanks! =)

Carmen said...

When did Jack get a haircut?! He looks so handsome :) Can't believe he's already 3! My own Jack's 3rd is only 4 months away...where does the time go? dying over the professional quality cupcakes, you would die laughing if you saw what I come up with when attempting cupcakes ;)

KaSs MiLeS said...

your little boy is growing up!! its so sad how fast it goes! even little miss is getting pretty big. hope he had a fun party!

Jeanette said...

Looking good Jack! We can't wait to be a part of the big celebration this weekend!

LeeRae said...

Kat your kids are beautiful~~~!!!