mickey's house twenty ten

Last weekend we took a quick trip to Disneyland. It just so happened that Michael had an anesthesia conference to attend that was being held right in the Disneyland resort. On top of that convenience, his residency program paid for lodging, travel and food. Um, can you say hooked up?! The only money out of our pockets was for park tickets for Michael and I. Jack isn't quite 3 yet so he was still free. Cha ching!

The whole way to California Jack kept talking about Mickey's House. He really had no preconceived ideas as to what it would be like and once we finally got to the park he was actually very nervous. I think it was just a sensory overload and so he developed a little nervous habit of shoving most of his hand in his mouth. Haha. Funny kid.

We went to the twilight session on Saturday night and were out until about 11 pm. Then we woke up on Sunday morning round about 6 am and hauled butt to be some of the first crazies in the park. We even left the kids in their pajamas! The Saturday evening session was fun and we got to see the fireworks and everything but Sunday morning was awesome. We walked onto every ride, rode many of them over and over and were out of there by 10 am. The icing on the cake was when our last stop, Toon Town, turned out to be a gold mine. Jack got hugs from Minnie, Goofy, Pluto and, the ultimate, Mickey Mouse.

Everything we did was part of Mickey. The big castle in the middle was Mickey's castle. The fireworks were put on by Mickey himself just for Jack. The cars in Autopia were Mickey's cars and of course the pool belonged to the Mouse Man too. So when at last, Jack met Mickey, he hugged, high fived and fist bumped him. Then he thanked Mickey for allowing him to play at his house, ride his cars and for shooting off fireworks for him two nights in a row. It was precious and tender. (Anybody know Brooke Jacobsen or Bonnie Kratchen? Little shout out to them wherever they are :) )

The trip was a total blast and I'm glad that Michael finally got to go too. Can you believe he is 31 and it was his first time to ever visit Disneyland? Bananas. The best part was after we rode It's a Small World and Michael's eyes were BUGGING out of his head. He told me he had imagined a ride where you went in and everything looked really small and you felt really big. He was a little freaked out. Hahaha! Last little thing here, if you are noticing in these pictures that my hair looks really greasy, I mean healthy, that's because I showered Thursday night and didn't get a shower again until we checked out on Sunday morning. Can I get a collective, ewwwwww? Nast.


Jason said...

Lois is loving these pictures - she keeps saying, "JACK! Mickey! Jack, Mickey!" So cute.

I think you look great even if you haven't showered for three days! Yo go, girl!

jenna said...

ahhhh! going to disney in two weeks and this is getting me so pumped.

don't know that i can go the six a.m. route though!

Lindsay said...

Looks like so much fun! Autopia is and always will be my favorite ride! ha ha Cute pictures

Melissa S. said...

HOW FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That so cute how much he loves Mickey Mouse!!!!!! I bet you all had the BEST time!!!! I love the close up picture of Violet!!!

Jeanette said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! And even better, it was mostly on someone else's dime! You can't beat that. Great pictures!

{lindy baker cakes} said...

How fun!!!!!! Looks like a blast. Sawweeetttt that you got hooked up. Love you miss you!