the bun is one

The shirt I'm wearing is from Ann Taylor Loft. They are having a huge sale right now where you get 40% off of sale items and that shirt just happens to be on sale. I didn't see it on line but maybe if you have a store near you they will have one there. I totally love the shirt but it does let my G's hang out the back of the sleeve a tiny bit, just FYI. And for those of you who are on the hunt for long shorts I just bought a super cute pair from Gap over the weekend. They are having a 30 percent off of shorts deal too which makes them super affordable.

On Saturday we celebrated Violet's first birthday by throwing her a party. Of course it was mostly just an excuse to get together with my own good friends and stuff my face but she was truly the bell of the ball. We all had so much fun and I couldn't ask for better friends here in Tucson. Beware: an insane amount of pictures are to follow. It's about to get crazy.

Here she is on Wednesday, her actual birthday with a special balloon from Daddy. I think she liked it. :)

Lois, Violet, Avery, cuteness.

My BFF Lili with Princess Baby.

She raked in some serious booty with her gifts and all she wanted to do was climb those stairs!

Reading her new ballerina book. Who do you think likes it more? Me or her? :)

Our only family photo. Blurry but you get the picture.

King Jack consumed his weight in goodies. This was his third cake and I know I gave him at least 2 cake pops. Who knows how many else he sneaked behind my back. SUGAR!!!

Love. Sweet, sticky love.

Here are a few of the kids checking out a new stroller. I think they like it, what do you think? Haha!
The cupcake sequence is backwards but that's ok. I'm not about to mess with all the photos to switch it around.

I had to physically restrain her from grabbing that little crown candle. Stinker girl.

These bubble pipes were fun until several of the kids sucked in instead of blowing out. Ew.

A little early cake pop snack. Look at her diving to get to that thing!

The spread. I also made Ham n Cheese sliders courtesy of http://just-cook-already.blogspot.com/. RAVE REVIEWS!

This was the scene less than five minutes before the guests arrived. Good thing we convinced him that naked boys aren't fun at a birthday party. I won't be surprised when he joins a nudist colony someday.


Sarah said...

Girl you are stinkin beautiful! Who knew you were all domestic and stuff! :) Your kids are super cute! PS, your shirt is awesome...where did you find it?

Eevi said...

I'm so glad we got to celebrate with you guys. Troy said that Saku probably had three cupcakes...yes, we are great parents:) She is a beauty and so are you! I loved that shirt you were wearing!

Lilianne said...

My photog skills SUCK, girl! Sorry I botched your only family photo of the evening! :) Next time, ask someone who actually knows how to use a fancy camera. I'm glad you still love me despite my challenges. I'm lovin' all these pictures, though. You look fantastic in your beautiful get-up, as well - love that color on you. What a fun party and what a beautiful little princess! We love you guys!

Melissa S. said...

Of COURSE your spread looks amazing. You always know how to make everything look AWESOME! I just love her little skinny crown hat! SO CUTE!!!!

Jerome said...

happy birthday!!! i think that was the fastest year in history. i seriously can't believe it!!

Jerome said...

ps this is kass.

Lindsay Gunnell said...

I'm loving the last picture of Jack--classic. Keep that one around for future girlfriends. You are so adorable. Best party ever. Perfect house, perfect spread, perfect kids, and of course we know where they get that perfection from ;)

Ash said...

That last picture of Jack is so hilarious. I couldn't help but bust out laughing! I had to show Ghent, who had the same reaction.And did you make all those cupcakes yourself? They look sooo yummy!

The Ensign's said...

Violets face in the pics with her birthday balloon are sooooo adorable. The simplest things can make a kid happy. I've been stressin' about how sad Kaelyn's presents from us (clothes and a booster seat for Shay since she'll get Shay's seat) are sooo not fun, but she really has enough toys and really she's gonna enjoy the wrapping paper over any toy. Oh, and Jack is a crack up. That kid is sure to be hangin out at the nude beaches when he's older. Heck he'd be there now if you'd let him.
Kat you're awesome!

saraH said...

I some how thought violet was way younger than ariana but they're only a month apart? holy cow! and you look so good and I love your red shirt! remember sensational seven and u were the color red? hahaha oh man I remember too many unnecessary infos... anywho i miss u ladybug. ;)

Steve and Sara said...

LOVE the pictures! The kids are SUPER cute! I can't wait to see you guys in June! We are going to have a blast!!!

Prina Family said...

I love cake pops!! I want one so bad right now:( haha That pic of jack at the end is just like our house. bums everywhere. all day:)
You are beautiful!

Lindsay said...

I love your shirt!!!!!!! you look so pretty in all the pics. What a darling little family you have! I can't believe your little one is already 1!!! I remember when you just had her..

The Sandy Bottom Crew said...

you are such a hot momma! Your little ones are so cute:)

Kim said...

I have so many comments right now...

First, what a fun party! I love the hats and that cake looks heavenly! I also love the naked picture of Jack. I can just hear you guys trying to convince him to put clothes on.

Second, that Target crib bedding is absolutely adorable. I'm telling my sister-in-law about it.

Third, thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. You posted pictures of your mom (awhile ago) and I haven't seen her in years! She is such a great lady. Tell her hello.

That is all for now.