self occupying

Since my second job is requiring quite a bit of extra time lately, Jack has been left to self entertain a bit more than normal.

Sad that he gets so bored he crawls in the toy box and pretends he's in the tub.

He has also taken a liking to doing "chores" for me for payment. The vacuuming has been surprisingly helpful. Never underestimate a 2 1/2 year olds cleaning capabilities. Wait, maybe I shouldn't be posting this, could this be considered child labor?

Sometimes, I get so physically and mentally drained that I even give in and let him eat cookies for dinner. Pretty pathetic on my part but you have to admit, he does look cute scarfing it down.


The Ensign's said...

Nice! start them young. Soon he'll be doing the dredful laundry!!!!!

Amy said...

That is so cute! sometimes it takes more energy/patience to let them help then to just do it your self.

And, who doesn't LOVE cookies for dinner?

Jeanette said...

Lucy is scared to death of the vacuum; I would be happy if I could just do it when she is around, let alone have her do it for me! She likes to do dishes and leave a big puddle on the floor to prove it!

Did you make those cookies? They're so pretty! Please don't have any baked goods in the house when we come visit! The Cobabes are addicted to sweets and trying desperately to fight the addiction!