lame-o revision

For those of you who read my post entitled lame-o and are wondering where it went, it went back to the drafts. I just felt guilty for saying a bunch of negative things about people who have left the church. I do hate the attitudes of some of them but I also hate how they attack me for still being a member. I figured, if I can't stand them ripping on me, why is it ok for me to rip on them? I don't know. I guess I got all heated up because of the whole health care issue and seeing a bunch of used-to-be-Mormons mindlessly taking a liberal standpoint. Bottom line, I was being mean. That's not nice and not fair. What was it I said a few posts ago? Live and let live? I'm awesome? Yeah, not doing a very good job of either of those today. Sorry.


{lindy baker cakes} said...

haha. it's okay kat. i didn't see the post, but i have to say i'm with you. why does leaving the church and a liberal, "care free" point of view go hand in hand? sometimes you just need to vent and it feels good. don't worry.

Kory said...

I didn't read your post, but I have been meaning to ask you what you guys think about the health care bill, seeing as you're in the health care business. It would be interesting to hear.

Salime said...


To err is human, but to recognize it is divine :) (or something like that haha).

I just want to comment that not everyone that leaves the church rip on other members, not everyone that takes a liberal standpoint when it comes to healthcare do it mindlessly. That's something I love about the human race, it's diversity in thought. But what I love the most is taking your Zumba class haha. that said I will eat a hamburguer now.

Carmen said...

i typed up some long winded, semi- funny, or at least I thought it was, reply to this post and i came back to check it out and apparently i must have just closed the box instead of hitting post. now i can't remember all the witty stuff i said...story of my life. i swear i forget more than i remember these days, maybe that's a good thing?! so anywho don't worry about all the lame-o stuff, even if i didn't get to read it, i can tell you i wouldn't have been offended...haha unless you were commenting on people who complain about being fat and then buy two boxes of girl scout cookies