gender roles

One of my best friends has two little girls. The other day we went to her house to have a play date and while there Jack and the oldest girl decided to play dress up. Naturally, Jack chose the purple and green mermaid costume. Wait, did I just say naturally? Yes, I did. Let me tell you what I think about that. My boy isn't even three, he has loved the colors pink and purple since he could speak and he loves his friends. How could he choose a pirate costume over a sparkly mermaid gown when his friend was twirling around in her own princess costume? It just wouldn't be natural for him at his age. So this morning when he jumped in a pile of tulle I wasn't surprised at how much he enjoyed it. I was surprised however, at how much Violet hated it. I'm glad I have a boy who likes to destroy towers of blocks, use his head to ram his little sister and jump knee first on his Daddy's belly. I'm also glad he is sweet and sincere and doesn't give a crap about being macho just yet. Those days will come. Live and let live.

Isn't that face priceless? Like, "what are you looking at? I'm mad at you Mom."

She's cute when she's mad but she's even cuter when she is grinning.


Dani said...

I love the picture of Violet with her eyes squeezed shut and fists! So cute. And she has the biggest eyes! Cute kiddos! P.S. Why didn't you run the Ragnar Relay with us?

The Ensign's said...

That's funny that Violet doesn't like it. Kaelyn just about rips her teeth out with it. Your kids are too adorable!!!

Sarah and Desmond said...

Kat, thank you for the sweet comment on my blog tonight. I don't feel like supermom, I try my best. And Savanah being deaf, well yeah, it's been an adventure, but what an experience it has been!

She is the most sweetest little girl and we feel so blessed to have a healthy child, who unfortunately contracted CMV and is only deaf because of it. She could be so much worse.

You have darling children, Jack is such a handsome lil' dude and I can't get over Violet's eyes. You have done an amazing job! Keep it up!