I just wanted to say something about compliments. I don't know if you remember a post I wrote quite a while back (I'm not about to go fishing for it sorry) about how I am naturally judgemental without even trying. I hate that about myself and I'm working on it but something I like about myself is how easily I notice the good things about people. I am one of those people that will see someone in the grocery store with really white teeth and stop them to let them know. I like to tell people what they are good at and why I like them. It really makes me happy to be able to pinpoint something specific about someone and let them know.


My friend Heather is awesome. In fact "friend" is too small. She is definitely one of my best friends. One of the things that I like the most about her is her ability to accept help. I know this may sound weird but let me explain. I generally don't like taking help. I am one of those people who is carrying two kids, my purse, a gallon of milk and squirming puppy and I still won't let anyone help me. Heather, on the other hand, says, "yes, that would be great." Without even putting up a fight. I love it! It makes it so easy to serve her and in turn grow close to her. One of my favorite memories of the first part of our friendship was when she agreed to let me bring her lunch. She was pregnant and hot and broke and hungry. It felt so good to be able to bring her those silly chicken sandwiches without her fighting me about it!

Another person I admire is Jessica. She is incredible in so many ways. She is so talented and generous and loving. My favorite thing about her is how genuine she is. Seriously, she will send me a text or leave me a message and say the kindest things. I save her messages for long periods of time because I know what she is saying is heart felt and real. The best part is that they are often just random and out of the blue. She is a ray of sunshine for me. I love her.

When I moved to Tucson I met someone awesome. Her name is Lili and she is so cool. I mean that. She is way COOL. I love that about her. I always want her opinion on things because her style is amazing. She has an eye for all things stylish and I love it. I can't help but envy her sometimes because it just comes so naturally to her. She is one of those people that if she ever gave you anything, you would wear it out, hang it up or take lots and lots of pictures with it. She's incredible!

Have I ever told you how grateful I am for my sister-in-law Jenn? She is the one person in Michael's family that I call regularly. I always know that when I talk to her she is going to cheer me up. She just has a light heartedness about her that makes it easy to be around her. You can tell that she loves making people feel special and that she thinks you are special. Because if you weren't special she wouldn't be your friend. ;) I am so lucky to have someone in that family that I can always sit next to, call or hang out with and not feel awkward or uncomfortable. She has welcomed me in to her home and life so openly that I have learned to love a little better because of it.

These are all examples of things that I notice about close friends but there are some of you out there who I don't know so well but still remember what's awesome about you too. I will never forget Sierra's giggly laugh or Ashley's ability to walk away from gossip. I think that Lindy is probably the best friend a person could ever have all around and Jeanette's skin is a thing of dreams.

I have great friends, great family and an awesome life. I complain sometimes but it's days like this when I am able to remember and see the good in people that I can be content with the way things are. I feel lucky to not only have these people, and soooo many more in my life, but I feel lucky to clearly see what I love about them. This is also one time when I am grateful for my big mouth so that I can continue to tell the people around me what I think is special.


Jessica Peterson said...

i hope that jessica is this jessica... oh i love you. move here please. be my friend everyday.

The Ensign's said...

Kat- you're awesome. You definetly make me feel good about myself. That is an awesome gift that you have. It's not easy to do all the time.
I'm glad that we are friends.

Lili and Jason said...

Kat! You're so awesome. Thanks for making feel like a million bucks - and for not making fun of my super-red face after working out! ;-) I'm so glad we're friends. And if there is anyone that is cool, it's you. I admire you for so many reasons, but most of all, I just adore you to death. Because your honesty is one huge breath of fresh air and you're really, really beautiful, both inside and out! So, RIGHT BACK AT YOU, Sista!! xoxo

{lindy baker cakes} said...

Kat. Thank you so much for thinking of me. You are such a great friend too. You know what I always say about you. "You're wise." You always offer the best advice. You always make me feel good about myself as a person and as a mom. I always feel good after a conversation with you on the phone. Love you.

Prina Family said...

it really is a great quality to be able to pick out the good in people. And even more impressive to tell them. I always notice things about people but im too embarrassed to tell them. I loved this post. its refreshing to hear someone just come out and say nice things about people! Your awesome

Kayla R. said...

darling post!! I feel like when you start thinking about the people and things you are grateful for your day all the sudden gets brighter!!!!

Heather B said...

I agree with everything everyone else has said. You are amazing. That was a fun surprise to see a blurb about me on your blog. I had never thought about that part of me being something "good". I never really recognized that I do that. Thank you for helping me see it. Love ya.

Kory said...

You have a puppy? I thought you hated dogs.

Jeanette said...

How sweet! Its just makeup though girl anyone can have good skin. Well not really, if you have a pock face you are screwed, but anyone with regular skin and just regular break outs can make their skin look even better. Its still nice to read though. Its hilarious how I think mine is the only one about looks. Wouldn't you know no one can say anything nice just about me? Its my own fault! :) Love ya!!