all my tucson ladies

Hey Tucson peeps. I know it's very late notice but my awesome friend Jessica is in town and she is an incredible photographer. She was here yesterday and took some shots of Jack on a whim and they are priceless. Some of you may remember the wedding she photographed that I gushed about a few months back. If any of you want her to get some priceless shots of your little one call me asap and I will set something up. I'm sure she would be happy to oblige. So dust off your best duds and comb the kids hair and have your pictures taken! Yay!


LeeRae said...

those are some beautiful pictures of Jack~

Heather B said...

You.Are.Kidding. SHE is the friend in town? I've been on craigslist all weekend trying to find a photographer to get some shots of my girls, but I've been so unimpressed with their work! How long will she be there?

KaSs MiLeS said...

those are pretty awesome! he's a cute little naked boy.