red box

I love Red Box. Don't you? It's so convenient that you can return it to any Red Box and it only costs a dollar a day. The one negative side, my taste in movies has definitely taken a blow. Since it only costs a dollar, nothing is too lame. Ok, maybe some things are too lame. Like that straight to video pregnancy movie with Lindsay Lohan. Yeah right! But movies like, Fired Up and Push, not too lame for my dollar. It's sad and yet it's so true. Ok. Bye. I have to go and watch Fired Up now. Don't want to be wasteful. :)


Melissa said...

Redbox is DEFINITELY the best. Hey check out this place:
And they'll post random free movie codes for redbox. I haven't paid for a movie in a LONG time. :)

Dani said...

I love redbox! I agree, I rent all the movies I would never see in a theater but yet I rent them because it only costs a dollar! It's the best!

KaSs MiLeS said...

the only problem is if you've waited too long to rent them they are scratched to death! but yes, you can't beat a dollar.