1. I will fit into my True Religion jeans by the time they get here. Fingers crossed. I ordered a size smaller than I am right now.

2. Violet will begin rolling over, crawling and walking way before Jack ever did. She is already so alert and strong compared to him at this age.

3. Jack's vocabulary is about to explode. Two nights ago he walked up to me while I was in the kitchen and asked, "what are you making?" I just about hit the floor.

4. I will end up packing, cleaning and moving the majority of the house on my own. Thanks for this University of Arizona Anesthesia Residency Program.

5. I will end up un-packing, organizing and cleaning the majority of the new house on my own. Again, I thank the residency.

6. The drive, yes I said DRIVE, from Tucson to Lake Tahoe in two weeks will be hell on earth.

7. Kipono will go waaaaay farther than he should on SYTYCD. What is it about him? Sorry, not a fan. And while we are on the subject, is anyone a little disappointed by the caliber of dancers on the show this year? I feel like they chose people based on their personality or potential "star quality" way more this season than ever before. There are a few good ones but I am just waiting to be truly impressed like I was in seasons past. I also feel like the choreography is so easy that it's almost boring. Maybe the choreographers are toning it down because the dancers aren't what they should be? Who knows? It would be nice if Wade Robson would hurry his crazy butt back on the show though, what is SYTYCD without him?!


Prina Family said...

Amen to everything about sytycd. I do think there are a few really good dancers but i cant even really tell how good they are because of the easy choreography! Last year there was some crazy hard choreography and when the dancers could nail it thats when i was impressed. I like Kipono because none of the other guys are good either and at least hes good looking. haha Ill tell you who i hate: Caitlin! she bugs and all i can think of is Leeann Rimes when i see her. Ewwww.

Jana said...

I agree about sytycd, I think they peaked 2 seasons ago with Danny, Neil, Hok, Lacey, and Dominik... That was the best season ever, and this year is very blah.
Kupono has bugged from the beginning... But the last few weeks he's started to grow on me (minus the manpris).
I really like the platinum blondie who is his partner.
But so many people bug me this year. Caitlin- yuck. Short squatty Utah hair blonde- yuck. Jeanette and her goofy little kid dance she does whenever the judges give good feedback- yuck. And thank goodness vitolio's sweatyness is gone.
Sorry that was long.

{lindy baker cakes} said...

I disagree. I think this season is great. I do agree with the choreography however. I do think it could be more difficult but I think that the dancers this season are awesome. I'm not a fan of Kupono either though.

Natchel said...

Gah!! I totally agree about SYTYCD!! I think Kupono must be sleeping with a screen writer or a camera guy or someone because there is no WAY he should have made it this far especially because of his solos the last two weeks. I thought he sucked two weeks ago and Max did an amazing solo and got eliminated. And I loved Kupono and Kayla's Sonya Vampire-ish dance so I was surprised when they were in the bottom 3 but once again his solo sucked and he should have got booted. I do like Kayla though. She has done dances I really liked.
Oh man. I'm a loser. I could debate about this show for hours.

Kory said...

I had no idea I was missing this show! Thanks for the heads up!

Camille said...

Well, I know nothing about choreography so no comment there. But I think it's funny that the girls are so cute. I know they try to get pretty faces for these shows, but this seems a little much. Why were some of them chosen?

Jon and Diana Browning said...

Hey Lake Tahoe is like an hour and a half from our house, you should swing by!!!!! I wan't to meet your mini me's